My One and Only - A Big Al Original

I have an original song I’m pulling out of the archives if I can find enough people here to help me with. I’d kind of like to try a collaboration and a mixing contest and maybe a mastering contest too. I have no idea what kind of prizes I could offer.

Basically, I have a project recorded at 44.1/16 with finished vocals, scratch guitar tracks, a click track, and a “fake drum” track. I’m looking for someone to do drums and someone (more than one is OK too, the more the merrier - MAYBE) to lay down some guitar tracks.

I’ll need to put together a chord sheet. I was thinking about maybe just doing a semi-quick YouTube video showing the chords.

Is anyone interested in this? If so, I’ll upload the WAV files somewhere that everyone can access them.

Please give me your thoughts, pros, cons, etc. I’m probably leaving out a bunch of info you’ll need. Just ask and I’ll try to answer in a timely manner.

EDIT: If you’ve listened to the song and are planning to contribute, make note that there are 12 measures during the solo but there’s only supposed to be 10. When we originally worked on this song, the solo was way too long for my taste so I edited it but I cut the beginning of the solo off two measures too early and didn’t realize it until I’d already uploaded to WeTransfer. Also, the chords for the solo are the same as for the chorus.

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Here are the WAV files for this project. Obviously we will get rid of click track and fake drums. I have an idea of how I want the final drums. The guitars also need to be replaced.

Download the project files: (Updated link, expires on June 18)

Listen to the MP3

The PDF for the chord chart:
My One and Only (Electric Guitars).pdf (352.1 KB)

I’m actually interested in this! I could have a go at the guitars?

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I would also be interested in helping out Al! I could also contribute guitars depending on what your overall style & genre are. You’ve heard my stuff so you know what kinds of playing I could likely contribute, and if that meshes with your vision for this tune, count me in. If it doesn’t, no problem at all and I will just watch with great interest while your project evolves. Either way, it’s a great idea!

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I am going to try and get the WAV files uploaded over the weekend. My week has been hectic. I knew I shouldn’t have posted until I was completely ready to go. lol

Just don’t put “final” in any filenames…! :wink:

For the win!

OK, I’ve added a link to the WAV files in the 2nd post in this thread. Make note that the guitar parts need to be replaced with correct chords. I cut out some of it because I didn’t want the solo to be that long. lol

Whoever wants to lay down some guitars is welcome to. I am wanting to make this a group effort. I’m hoping that it kicks ass and I don’t unintentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.

Also, I am feeling pretty naked right now. I’ve never let myself be this exposed. Haha!

Had a listen, and as you probably can guess, it’s pretty far outside my wheelhouse… think I’ll just spectate from the sidelines. Good luck!! :beerbang:

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Is that code for “Your song sucks and I want nothing to do with it.”? (I’m just kidding, of course.)

Naw, just that it’s not my style, and I couldn’t make a credible contribution on it… but you knew that. :wink:

I was thinking of maybe replacing the “melody riff” track with an acoustic track that sounds similar. Honestly, I’d kind of like to make this song more acoustic. Those “buzzsaw” electric guitars definitely need to be replaced with something much prettier sounding. Does that sound like something you could do?

I’d be happy to give it try…! When I get a few I will see what I can come up with.

Meanwhile, could you please provide the precise bpm that your tracks were recorded at? I know you have a click track in the set of files but having the bpm will make life a lot simpler. Also the key that you stipulated in your DAW session (if you did so). Thanks!

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I’ll help with the prizes @BigAlRocks!!!

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Can you upload a mix of what you have already? Downloading a zip file of tracks and bringing them into a DAW to play back is a lot of work to determine if it’s a song I can add something to.

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I can’t even download what you have, so don’t hold your breath on my part! From what I can see you have a multi-track recording here, so I’ll leave it to the more experienced members! I’m well out of depth here!

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The song is 120 BPM.

I sure can. I’ll try to get a rough mix done this afternoon. Those guitar tracks are brutal though. LOL!

Once I get a mix uploaded, will that help you any?

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You’re the best!