My One and Only - A Big Al Original

My One and Only - A Big Al Original


I’ll get my hand written notes out and scan them. I don’t know if the DAW will tell the key or not. I think it’s either D or Db. I shelved this many years ago. lol


I’m up for trying that :grinning:


I’ve edited my 2nd post to include the MP3 file. It’s a very rough quick mix.


Can you upload it so we can use the site’s player? Not to sound overly entitled or anything, but the fewer hurdles you put in the way, the more likely you are to get help.


I’m seeing the player on my screen. Are you not seeing this?


oh, sorry. maybe I just needed to refresh tha page.


It’s all good. I thought maybe @holster broke the site! lol


Thanks to @holster for modifying the site to allow PDF uploads. I’ve now shared the chord chart for the song.

If you’ve listened to the song and are planning to contribute, make note that there are 12 measures during the solo but there’s only supposed to be 10. When we originally worked on this song, the solo was way too long for my taste so I edited it but I cut the beginning of the solo off two measures too early and didn’t realize it until I’d already uploaded to WeTransfer.


the link to the WAV files seems to be down…


I’ve reuploaded and replaced the original link. We Transfer links expire after a week if you’re not a subscriber. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey! @madpsychot recorded some guitar and bass tracks and sent them to me. Is there anyone interested in taking a stab at the drums?