My mac pro is slow as hell on the internet...but normal otherwise. Any ideas?

Every other computer in the building works great, but my mac pro (8 core cheese grater) which is hardwired to my router is pathetically slow.

In safari, I tried emptying cash from the developer menu, and last night even reinstalled OS X El Capitan. I ran first aid on under disk utilities, and checked to see if Safari needed updates. Then I tried it with Chrome and it’s doing the same thing.

I don’t think its the hard drive. Its an SSD and its only half full.

Does anyone know anything else I could try? Could this be my internet card going bad?

Is there a way to system test or self-diag on a mac?

get a pc.

So everything else works well, but the internet is slow. Is Safari itself responsive but connections to websites slow, or does Safari itself lag when you use it?

No thanks. I need it for audio work.

is it the internet connection that is slow or is your browser sluggish? I can’t imagine you have a computer for music production that doesn’t have enough ram. How much RAM do you have?

Everything else is working perfectly. Safari opens and closes and does everything its supposed to, but when you try to click around the internet, its painfully obviously slow.

No…the internet connection on my 12 core Trashcan, the 8 core Trashcan, my Galaxy phone, and my Tablet are all completely normal. Its just this damn cheese grader acting up. The Time Warner online speed tester thing says signal is fine too. The Mac Pro is hardwired to a Linksys EA9500 that can reach across three houses down the road and to the other end of the golf course in my backyard.

Umm…ram in the mac pro is 64?? I think? Maybe 128? I dunno. Somewhere in there.

well, if it’s anything above 8, then it shouldn’t be an issue.

Can you send a screenshot of you using the browser so we can see what you are talking about? Plus, it’s good practice in making screencast videos.

Ok. I’ll try.

…looking for that thread where you showed me something that can do this

on a mac, you should be able to use quicktime to capture your screen, but every time I’ve tried, it crashes. It’s worth a shot since it’s already installed.

You could try to delete the plist file for Safari. It would be located in your User/Library/Preferences folder. You could be deleting something like

Note that this would delete all your bookmarks and saved passwords possibly. You would have to back them up - but if you’ve got iCloud enabled for Safari then that would not be necessary.

Screen-O-Matic. No the recorder won’t launch…because the internets too slow.

Screw it. I’m gonna video it with my cellphone. Give me a few min.

Weird question: did you try another browser to see if the internet is ok in the machine?

Another thought I had was that I had a complete Internet melt down on my Mac mini the other day. It’s hard wired to an Airport. After an hour of trying to solve it I checked the DNS settings for the Ethernet port and they were set to something completely random. I changed them to Google’s DNS and it worked fine after that.

Ok. Uploading to youtube (from a different computer obviously).

Yup. Chrome has the same problems. But I was told by Apple that a problem in Safari could effect chrome. But then I was also told to buy another computer.

I’m led to believe it isn’t the card because the mixing console doesn’t have any trouble talking to ProTools through the same port. In system prefs -> networking, everything has green lights, and airport is turned off as it should be, since a cheese grader doesn’t have a wi-fi card.

Ok. Here we go.

@Jonathan ROFL You have an infection., You’ve been got. Classic symptoms. Bad luck.

From what I can see, your computer is behaving normally but the actual internet requests are slow. This looks exactly like when my DNS was screwed up.

Here’s a couple of things that you can do:

If you have good cell coverage, you might want to create a hotspot from your mobile and then let your computer use that hotspot to see if the speed increases. (This is only to see if the actual internet connection is the problem).

If that’s not possible, and you say that chrome is a problem as well, then see if you can run a Speedtest ( and see if the speed it reports actually corresponds with the speed you should be getting.

In your Network settings, you might want to note the settings you have - so note down your IP address, the gateway (router) address (ir just take a photo of the settings). Click on the advanced button and then the DNS tab. Take a photo of your DNS settings and then delete them and replace it with:

Which is Google’s DNS and see if that makes a difference.

Have you ran a malware bot? Its prob just a load of trackers and stuff slowing it down.
Its probably nothing major virus wise but a few trackers and such invisible malware really slows your net down. Classic signs.

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yikes, that’s bad. Have you figured it out yet?

When you are running your browser, is it using lots of CPU?