My Entry of Wasteland by Doubletrackinjive

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Pretty easy mix, mixed itself. I stole the early ending idea from @RoosetheGroose, and the tuning tip from @CPF. I hand tuned some of the vocals, it produced better results than autotune could ever hope to.

I used a stereo enhancer on the main guitar, added a little reverb and a chorus delay. Tried to make the vox sound cavernous without sounding muddy. They were pretty bright, so I tamed them a little with a de-esser and a multi-band compressor starting at about 6kHz.

Didn’t use any compression on the mastering bus, I didn’t want to tame any of the dynamics. Made the bass mono up to 200Hz, cut out some frequencies in mastering, yada yada yada.


Thanks you for your comments on my entry. Here are mine on yours:

  • I really liked your vocals

  • The whole song is clear and even. Maybe a bit too even because I felt you could use more macrodynamic.

  • There is noise on guitar, but only when listening too high. :slight_smile:

  • In just my opinion your mix is a bit too much “midrange”, but maybe that’s mine that is scooped so I am used to that.

  • I do not like the ending.

Good and delicate work @doubletrackinjive, see you soon.

See me soon? You comin’ to kill me?

I’ve noticed that too, at 250Hz. The thing is, this song has no bass. That noise on the guitar is providing the only low end that this track has besides the kick, so I believe my thought process, and the thought process of the other entries is that we should tame it, but not eradicate it entirely or else the song is going to sound castrated. That’s my view at least.

Especially, since it is a stripped-down song, the guitar noise bothered me, so I spent time working to improve it. In a rock song, I may not have even noticed it. We’ll see how my final result turns out…definitely didn’t want to kill the tone of the guitar either, since the guitar is featured.

Overall, I enjoyed your mix. Nice job! Good clarity in the vocals. Interesting route to shorten the ending. I was thinking the ending was a bit long as it stood unless something else could be added for layering.

I think that your track is very listenable, and each of your elements on their own sound clear and pleasant (debatably not so with the guitar noise, but I think that’s a matter of taste). What I’m missing is a little bit of ‘color’ in your mix - my suggestion would be adding some sort of movement or something to really grab the listeners’ attention at key moments. I really think that your idea for the ending was on to something - but your execution of it left a little to be desired in my opinion. It seemed jarring and separated from the rest of your work. Overall, I think it’s a solid and enjoyable mix, but it needs a little sparkle to stand above the rest.


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Nice work and nice point of view as well.
I could not add anything since I share feedbacks others share so I’m not going to repeat them.
@Deviant really spots things on I found.

By the way, really good job and I hope you reached what you had in mind.

interesting version

Nice job, everything in place, feels pretty good :slight_smile: One thing that bothers me is the “S” at the end of first pharse going into ocean of reverb/delay. I would automate the send to effects to hide it.

Interesting version is right.
I find it a little one dimensional, sort of flat. Could use some interest points, but certainly competent. Good job.

Nice job…clear throughout


  • would have liked the gtr solo built up and pushed forward a bit more

  • probably would have left the last piano chord out and not ended on the tonic.

Nice work.
Nice vocal sound.
Clever finale. I wouldn’t have used the piano chord though.

Good luck!

Great idea of the mix! But I feel that clarity of main guitar steal the focus from main vocal. Also I’ve got lack of low mid frequencies…anyway, great mix!

Everything is nice but the lack of low mid / low.
It makes it sound too thin (but btw you mix isn’t too bright, that is cool)

Overall I dig this mix. Like others mentioned, the ending piano seemed out of place.

This was really good as far as balances go and as others have said is was beautifully clear. But somehow (for me) it lacked dimension and warmth.

There’s not too much I don’t like about this mix really, it’s well balanced and nice and wide. Backing vocals sound great. For my taste I just thought the delay/reverb could have been used a bit more subtly. I found it a little distracting during the quieter parts. Also I felt, apart from the kick the mix was a bit empty in the bottom end (150Hz down). Nice job.

I think @Deviant sums it up best for me. Nice job.

You have a good balance of instruments and voice. I think overall i find the mix a little bright and thin. At the solo part it sounds like compression just clamped down, I think you could have brought up the overall volume in that section and it would have sat better in the song. I am not getting the ending, think maybe with some of the fx you used on the vocals it would tie in better. Thanks for sharing.