My Entry of Wasteland by Doubletrackinjive

My Entry of Wasteland by Doubletrackinjive
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very smooth mix overall, very well done. I could see the time spent on it. I listened to them on earbuds and audio technica headphones, translated well on both.

Didnt notice anything striking just a couple of simple things:
I would prefer to scale down the reverb some, though I can see the care you took to make sure they dont become muddy but they do sound a bit damp in the beginning and sibilance is coming through a bit harsh on ear buds. This however gets a bit better towards the middle of the song when more instruments come in.

Vocals get out of tune during chorus (2:40) , If you did tune the vocals, any eq done after the tuning could be bringing out more out of tune frequencies.


Listening to this mix is like getting a handjob. While it’s a very pleasurable experience, there are certain methods that would be preferable to the one’s chosen in the mix. I think you got the vocals pretty good, they kind of remind me of that Ratt album Invasion of Your Privacy. I wouldn’t have changed them at all, but what I would change is the EQ on the master buss. I think overall it’s a pretty decent endeavor, but you were a bit too overzealous in taking out the low mids to make it clean, and the mix sufferrs for it, because it highlights the deficiencies in the high spectrum of the recording. I have no idea what you did to the solo, but you got it to sound RIGHT. I mean, I struggled with that fucking thing, but you seem to give it the attention it deserves, and somehow manage to spice it up without a bunch of frivilous effects like mine. Good job, homie!