My entry of waste land

My entry of waste land


My entry of waste land

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I cant get the player up no matter what I do


If I was an admin I’d help, but I can do this.


Takka360, just to pass on a quick note, since this is what I was focusing on last night: Nice job making the hum on the main guitar disappear. I had a hard time killing the hum without also affecting the high end on the guitar, I but I think I finally came to a decent compromise and was able to re-eq the hish end curve back. What did you use to filter the hum?

Will send more feed back later after listening closer, but the mix sounded nice.


This mix has a good separation and nothing wrong but it may be a little too dry for me. I think you could have had more depth with spacial fx’s. Maybe.


Cheers for the listen and feedback


I cant remember about hum to be honest


Nice mix. I think that the vocals are too wet for my taste. They are not meshing with the instruments as well as i would like. I think that you could have eq’d the reverb on the vocals a little more and that would help by still being there but not so in the face so to speak. I really like it when the song builds into the bridge/breakdown, nice.


Really like the verb/delay in the back, make her feel like she’s in a big hall but it’s not too much to drown her vocal. I like it!!


Cheers glad you like it


Cheers for the feedback


Hey, very pleasant mix of that beautiful track! The stereo piano works pretty well. The distorted guitar section sounds really spot on to me.
I found nothing really faulty with your work, only matter of tastes.
For instance, I do an opposite choice about how wet are tracks: less on vocals, more on main guitar.

Really good job, hats off!! :beerbanger:


Very pleased you enjoyed the mix. Thank you ncls


Lovely mix. Great job!


Thanks very much jamestoffee


Hi! Good mix. Have some opinion…

  • too much pre delay on reverb vocal I think and also too much reverb on vocal or very bright verb…
  • background vocals seems to me little dull
  • snare has no place in the mix…


Nice vocals tone IMO. Too much verb for me.
Gentle mix BTW.
Well eQed
Nice one, my bass could fit in it i think.



Nice mix. I have nothing to add that hasn’t already been brought up.


Very nicely done. The only thing is that the vocal reverb didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the instruments. They didn’t feel like they were in the “same” place, if that makes sense. The kick is too present for my taste too. Very minor things really - nice mix!


love the work you did on the drop chorus 2:45, I know it was the trickiest piece of the song. It worked even with the delay, could have easily been a mess but you kept it under control.
As for the verb, my personal preference for the song screams “dry and personal” mainly because of the message the song has and the over emotional appeal of it. Not that reverb in songs aren’t emotional… I felt it has a concert feel to it as opposed to the personal touch but still nothing wrong with it either way. I do like the gentle touch with a reverb and delay. Nice pre delay parameters, reverb tails could use a bit of taming.

Great mix overall