My entry of waste land

My entry of waste land


Thank you very much for the listen.


Reverb a little wetter than I like but I really enjoyed this one.


Nothing to add that hasn’t been mentioned.
I agree that less reverb on lead vox could have worked better.
I quite like the weight of the kick. Fills the lack of low end.

great job overall!


I like this mix, very pleasant and the vocals take center stage where they should be. I do think the snare is EQ’d in a way that makes it seem buried beneath the vocals, it doesn’t really stand out and sometimes it’s nearly inaudible. I’d have reworked than PURPLE T. I think the piano is too loud compared to the other instruments as well, it’s almost on the same level as the vocals, and they’re fighting for the same frequency space. Carve some more holes, and this fuckin’ thing would be on its way to perfection.


Cheers,yeah the piano was pretty loud to stand up more than the guitars to fill it all out a bit.


You are such a fucking genius. I cry when I read your posts because I’m just so moved.


heard once more on old Samsung Earbuds (terrible ones) - previous pass was on AV40s (Treated room)

Mix translated well on the earbuds. Not much to add that hasnt already been mentioned.

A simple suggestion I would make is to crop/fade the phrase ending consonants at times, specially if harmony vocals and main vocals have different emphasis on the ending consonants, it gets a bit distracting on headphones because of the stereo width. Example is 0:55s and 1:11 , quick and simple polish :slight_smile:

Other than that, no peaks, no crackles on the earbuds, nicely translated. Smooth!