My Album (FytaKyte's "Meandersaur") Out Now!

My Album (FytaKyte's "Meandersaur") Out Now!


I did too, and I must say, that is THE MOST clever player I have ever seen on his website! What an ingenious way to showcase his portfolio. Very memorable and an excellent use of screen real estate.

Oh, and the mastering guy did an amazing job too! Very seamless and slick feel throughout the album. (Although, I’m sure it was easy money for him to “master” Andrew’s mixes. :wink: )

I like Andrew’s solo on Damage. He shows off some impressive chops. The intro is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Riviera Paradise”. That’s some sweet playing Andrew! :beerbanger:


Very cool!


Only problem is that there is no loudness compensation, so it’s pretty hard to judge objectively…


Yes, that’s true. I was thinking that as well, then decided it was part of the marketing aspect. … Although, now that I think about it, it’s audio folks that are looking at the webpage in the first place, so why not level match them before uploading them to the website?

…Then again - at least in Andrew’s case - the audio files would probably be identical if he did that, because all the mastering engineer had to do with Andrew’s mixes was to turn them up. :grin:


True! :joy::joy:


Hey Andrew, congrats on your release! I’m only partway through the album, but it’s sounding great so far. You can really feel the energy in these songs! Bitter was a great one to kick it off for sure.


How exciting. I did a quicky listen because my wife has me “on task” ha ha My fav so far is Damage, Sounds like something out of my era. BTW your voice is great


Thanks Cristina! Glad you noticed the “energy” thing. That’s actually something I realised I almost unconsciously go for, whether I am writing, recording or mixing a song - Energy is key!

Thanks mate - I appreciate the kind comment about my vocals. I think I can live with them :neutral_face:


@ColdRoomStudio, I’m proud of you man! I’ll bet it feels great to have a completed project like that. I’ll be checking it out!! :beerbanger:


Thanks Bryan - As I said above: To all IRD members - Please hit me up via PM if you would like a copy of the album in digital form for free - I’m more than happy to send you a download link.

One more thing: If I may ask a favour of the community here;

Please let me know which artists my music might be similar to or at least remind you of.

The is a question I’m supposed to answer when I’m uploading the music for distribution on most sights. TBH, I’m at a complete loss as to which artists I most sound like or at least are within a bull’s roar. I mean, I know who my influences are, but it’s a question I can’t seem to answer objectively.

I’d really appreciate your input - Thanks!


Album Update:
The album has now been delivered to all the digital outlets like and digital streaming services like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora etc etc etc…Just search “Fytakyte” wherever you prefer!


Just for starters I am reminded of Talking Heads and Neil Finn…


Thanks Emma, that’s a great start - both are artists I like, and who have no doubt influenced me in some way. I love the quirkiness, groove and energy of TH and the classic songwriting sensibilities of Neil Finn.

I’ve had some other responses in other places - A few other artists suggested: Triumph, Wishbone Ash, Jude Cole. Of those, the one I relate to most is Jude Cole, who I hadn’t heard of before… I did a little research, and it looks like he transitioned from artist to producer after some major label albums in the early 90s.

Cool find!


O yep… definitely a similarity in style to Jude Cole… enjoyed exploring his sounds but did find his recent productions quite muffled overall… love the crisp edge to your album.


Here’s a couple that came up for me: Lynyrd Skynyrd (at least that Southern Blues-Rock style flavor), and Gary Moore. I think you have mentioned Gary as an influence before, and I felt some shades of Gary coming through in the rhythm and lead guitar playing. I hope that helps.


I noticed that too - I think his Soundcloud song was a quick demo.

Thanks - I’ll definitely take both of those! Yes, I’m a BIG GM fan, although my guitar skills pale into insignificance by comparison, of course. He was one of the greatest rock guitar stylists ever IMO - blazing virtuosity, monolithic tone and an incredible melodic sense.


Good one! Bitter sounds like it could be a lost track off one of the Crowded House CDs.

Ian Thornely.



Yep definitely a Crowded House vibe and Andrew’s voice sometimes has quite a Neil timbre to it. I particularly like the tricksy twists and turns of the songwriting… there is great variety and yet a coherence which is a clever thing.


I’ll definitely take those as a compliment too!.. Especially Ian Thornerly… I only recently “discovered” him and the man is a towering, prodigious (yet criminally under-rated) talent - not many people can play guitar like Jeff Beck, Joe Satriani, Ry Cooder and Mark Knopfler all in the one song, all the while singing like Chris Cornell! He’s so good it’s unfair!

Wow, thanks Emma :blush: - You can be my publicist anytime!


…And I discovered him because you (I think) posted him in the “underrated” thread or whatever that was. “Out Of Control” is the song that gave me the Ian vibe.