My Album (FytaKyte's "Meandersaur") Out Now!

After many years of toil, trouble, turmoil & trials, here it is folks!

The album has now been delivered to all the digital outlets like and digital streaming services like iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora etc etc etc…Just search “Fytakyte” wherever you prefer!

For example:

Many of you have probably heard some of these tracks at various stages, and have possibly helped with critiques etc - To those who have - Thank you!

Both of the above sites can stream full songs for free, although downloads are not.

If you would like a complimentary (digital) copy of the album, just hit me up via PM.

I’m planning to put it on CD, but that might take a little while to happen.

Here are some links to the various social media sites for “FytaKyte”:

Twitter and Instagram tags are @fytakyte

One more thing: If I may ask a favour of the community here;

Please let me know which artists my music might be similar to or at least remind you of.

The is a question I’m supposed to answer when I’m uploading the music for distribution on most sights. TBH, I’m at a complete loss as to which artists I most sound like or at least are within a bull’s roar. I mean, I know who my influences are, but it’s a question I can’t seem to answer objectively.

I’d really appreciate your input - Thanks!


Many congrats Andrew! Listening now. Super solid - and you sing too! :sunglasses:


Nicely done.


Awesome, Andrew! This was totally worth the wait! :+1: :+1:


Fantastic!! Really looking forward to this Andrew.
:beerbanger: :beerbanger: :beerbanger:


What I’ve heard so far sounds great, and the level of craftsmanship is really consistent. Quite an accomplishment really!


@miked @redworks @ptalbot @Emma @ingolee Thanks!

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Congratulations! It’s so cool, having heard a couple of these in development. :slight_smile: First time through I really enjoyed “Bitter”, “Outa Control”, “Lean” and “The Ballad of Charles and Henry.” I recommended the album to my friends! hehehehe… Best of luck!


Sounds bloody brilliant !!


Thanks Jamieson! I appreciate the support - the community here has been very much a part of the way this collection of songs came together.

Cool - Thank you Sven!

I’ve pretty much had these songs ready for release for just over one year now. However, I wanted to get them professionally mastered to ensure the best translation across all systems. I also needed some completely independent, unbiased ears to be able create a cohesive sound for this set of songs - something I don’t think I could do because of having worked with them over such a long period of time

I was ready to go a year ago, but then suddenly the money I had allocated for it needed to be prioritised for more critical use… So I just waited until I could afford it.

I ended up going with this guy in the US:

He’s excellent to deal with and quite affordable (he is far from being the cheapest or most expensive). I’m very happy with the job he did - To my ears, all the songs sound like they belong together in terms of frequency response and overall vibe. The low end is nicely consistent, as is the high end and mids. They still sound quite close to the mixes I handed him, only improved as a group.

I also wanted to go through the mastering process personally to understand it better. I highly recommend it (& Chris)!


Sincere congrats, Andrew. I listened only briefly to the first few songs. Very professional sound.

So, to give a frame of reference to a newbie to the forum, how long has this project been in the make?

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Thanks Tesgin

Actually, a couple of these songs were written roughly 20 years ago!.. That said, realistically, after a couple of false starts around a decade ago, I first began recording the songs in their current form around 3-4 years ago.


LOVING the album… the songs feel like old friends all polished up and sparkling… a delight. Bitter is a brilliant song to start with, it’s such a cool song. Am going to relish this album. It feels such a privilege to have been however remotely involved in its journey. Yay…
And I checked out the mastering guy out of interest, good pricing and there is a great sense of coherence, sheen and belonging to all the tracks. Nice!


Cool! That’s awesome to hear, Emma - glad you like it…

One thing that I never envisioned being so difficult after working on the tracks for so long was deciding the running order. In the end I got my lovely, patient wife to help me out… I put them all in Reaper and shuffled the tracks around, playing her the different transitions between the songs. It was great - she was very decisive, and I’m really happy with the running order!


I did too, and I must say, that is THE MOST clever player I have ever seen on his website! What an ingenious way to showcase his portfolio. Very memorable and an excellent use of screen real estate.

Oh, and the mastering guy did an amazing job too! Very seamless and slick feel throughout the album. (Although, I’m sure it was easy money for him to “master” Andrew’s mixes. :wink: )

I like Andrew’s solo on Damage. He shows off some impressive chops. The intro is reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Riviera Paradise”. That’s some sweet playing Andrew! :beerbanger:


Very cool!


Only problem is that there is no loudness compensation, so it’s pretty hard to judge objectively…

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Yes, that’s true. I was thinking that as well, then decided it was part of the marketing aspect. … Although, now that I think about it, it’s audio folks that are looking at the webpage in the first place, so why not level match them before uploading them to the website?

…Then again - at least in Andrew’s case - the audio files would probably be identical if he did that, because all the mastering engineer had to do with Andrew’s mixes was to turn them up. :grin:


True! :joy::joy:

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Hey Andrew, congrats on your release! I’m only partway through the album, but it’s sounding great so far. You can really feel the energy in these songs! Bitter was a great one to kick it off for sure.