Music Zero

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe some of you have been to this place of cynicism about music before? If so, please let me know. I used to think it was “writer’s block”, but it’s clear there is much more to it than that. I’m thinking it’s a “binary” thing; Music = 1, Music Zero = 0 (get it?).

It used to be, it seemed like my whole life revolved around music, at least the joyful parts. It was the meaning of life, the reason for living, the sweet in the bittersweet experience of day to day living.

Then, dystopia entered the picture, and conspiracy theories became full-blown well-documented conspiracies. You know, New World Order / One World Government schemes which were supposed to only exist in James Bond films. Depopulation agendas through pharmaceutical products. Economic collapse through supply-chain sabotage and weather manipulation. Hijacking elections and pretending that everything is normal (the U.S. has sponsored this in other countries for years BTW). And yes - even disclosure that the music industry sponsors Illuminati/Satantic messages in their products (we did suspect it for a long time …).

Music used to be the unicorn that would fly above the chaos and bring light and life to the masses. Now it’s owned by Klaus Schwab, and he might rent it out to you for the weekend … for the right price! “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” :smirk:
“The Day The Music Died” comes to mind.

Just send ten$ of billion$ to Ukraine and the Liberal World Order will succeed! Who cares if the price of gasoline doubles or triples, and food cost goes through the roof (if you can even find what you want) … it will support the Green New Steal - the rich will get richer, and you will get poorer. Nothing changes.

Alternate topic: What is the key/scale for impending doom? :joy:

While the world does look to be in a dark place, I hope there is a source of light behind the scenes and this will all play out for the best in the end.

All that said, perhaps one last musical inspiration to encapsulate the thoughts.

Being an artist is about the feelings the art leaves in us personally and the pursuit to entice it out from Inspiration’s secret hiding place. I would still write and record my music during zombie apocalypse when no one cared about music because, the Passion is mine! The “Music Industry” may seem or even be factually contrived but, so the F what!

Music isn’t Money and Fame is always fleeting and very difficult to manage personally without a few glitches.

I love the music Inspiration and I create with Passion. None of either or any of us 3 are entitled to hobnob with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and walk some dry cleaned red velvet carpet which no one really needs the luxury of.

The world will be as the world will be and if I could whip the masses into my perceptional awareness and be world emperor, I would but I’d still make mortifying mistakes and have way more than a backpack worth of haters than what I have now.

“We live and work in boxes and pay too much attention to flat boxes in the form of screens.”

Go out and smell the roses, unless you’re in a desert then I guess a cacti will have to do.


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Thanks for the response Devyn! Yes I have always done the music thing for enjoyment. But the enjoyment seemed to leave in large part, even before the zombie apocalypse. However, it seems almost vacant at this point. I guess I’m hoping it will come back, or I can summon it at will, so your words have been helpful!

I was always fascinated with the music business, for many decades, and much of my favorite music came through the corporate music industry process. The technology options of the 21st Century have given us so many capabilities to do the Indie music thing, so that was very exciting for a good while. And it also offered a way to put music out there in the world on a scale never before imagined, even if it was just for the fun and enjoyment of doing it.

Yes, even a desert can be beautiful in its own way, and that’s a good reflection of how I have been feeling - living in a creative desert. I had posted on here some months ago about “protest songs”, and I did make some effort at writing and recording some of those. I thought that would channel my angst into the musical realm. It helped a little, but I couldn’t push through that to feel the elation and inspiration that I used to feel even making a snarky cynical type song lyric.

Thanks again for your comments, you have given me some food for thought, and some roses to smell. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you have to try and compose your snarky/cynical songs back when?

Why did you start trying to write a protest song?

Yoda claims that one should “do or do not there is no try”.

I don’t know anyone’s exact experience but my own… Inspiration was a trickle or more likely less than for more than 40 years. 2015 hit and my March began with the most blessed HURL! I always explain it as a dam bursting and there is no such thing as a flood gate! I was giddy with how easy everything totally spilled out of me!

What I started to realize throughout this, “this has got to be a dream”, moment was that Inspiration was pissed that I let Passion wander and my search for her gems and jewels left nearly abandoned. She and I pumped out 98 songs in 5 years while baby stepping all the way through the engineering department stuff.

I got to know this lover of mine… she just needs a little rest and knows I do too… she was an extreme task master hardly ever letting me sleep nor eat and forget about a social life. Now I lie awake at night wondering how she is doing… sipping on a long island ice tea basking in some tropical landscape.

You’re welcome. Have you ever eaten a rose? I was 18, in the bar and my date bought me a rose. I accepted it and shoved it in my mouth out of the blue and she laughed. It was tasty enough as I recall but way too much of a bite to be just one… hey, at least I didn’t do an Ozzy and use a flying rodent. lol

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No, I didn’t have to try. It just happened. I produced a song called “Bolivian Farmers” in response to Ronald Reagan’s “drug war” on cocaine in the 1980’s. I was a “Liberal” back then, and saw the hypocrisy of it (though to be fair, that whole thing was Deep State/CIA crap). Now the issue is fentanyl coming directly over the southern U.S. border by drug cartels, which is much more of a threat than the earlier stuff, but admittedly the drug trafficking always produces bad results.

I have always had a satirical side to me, as evidenced by this gem which was a parody of the Spinal Tap movie:

It just seemed to be the thing to do when the conspiracy theories turned into evidential conspiracies of global control and domination. The inspiration was the protest songs of the late 1960’s, especially the CSNY “Ohio” which was great, but subsequent Neil Young controversies were quite lame recently.

Yes, this is the quandary confronting most Americans,
Canadians, Dutch (Nederlanders), Aussies, Brits/UK, Germans, etc. The “J6” media landscape wants to portray anyone opposing government corruption as “insurrectionists”, whereas the historical texts describe overthrowing tyranny as “patriotism”. Our governments have clearly been hijacked by a globalist cabal, and should be ousted at the very least, probably tried and convicted of treason (and the consequences thereof) at the most! What will “We The People” do? We are the real power. We created government through our own initiative, supposedly. What do we choose now?

This happened to me in about 1982/1983, they released the first “porta-studio” 4-track tape recorder. Artists “on the road” would use these to write for their next albums. I used my Fostex X-15 (4-track cassette) to begin songwriting in my bedroom, 20 years before many used digital DAWs to do the same. I discovered “the bug” of writing music back then. Later, it was not so easy, for some reason. I think it has to do with “life cycles” and time relevance in a person’s life.

Very poetic again, congratulations! The Muse is indeed a pursued influence we wish to seduce and engage in our realm. I love the tropical landscape imagery.

I haven’t eaten a rose, nor a flying rodent. Though the Ozzy stories are bizarre and interesting. I ate some cactus and some mushrooms once, and those were compelling enough experiences. Some other chemicals as well, but that’s a whole other topic. :wink:

@Stan_Halen! I hadn’t heard your stuff before! Well done. :beerbanger:

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Hi Stan_Halen,

I want to invite you into my thoughts on your post “Music Zero”.
My music is my upbringing, which might not be all joy and happiness, but is the soundscape of my life.

I will say - Music - “My Music” - “Mine” - Me - is my being!!!

And I will say, with all my heart and soul, my being is not for sale!!!
No amount of money can sway my thoughts on right or wrong - even for the “right amount”.

I am only “one”, but if you are with me, then we can be two.
Between you and me, (if your are with me), then we are 100 %.

Can we change the world?
Your answer is not required, this is just a food for one’s thought.
My own answer to that question, is “probably not”!

In the end, I am here, not to change the world, I’m here, simply, just to stand on my own two feet, and say that Music is Love, Music is Hope, Music is Peace, and it is also sad, scary, gloomy, and my story, your story, our story, and nobody can take that way from me.

I simply love music!

Music is Zero - and it is really priceless!!!

Your post is a very good thought-provoking post, and you are much appreciated!!!

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Thanks Bryan. I think I have posted that song on here before, but it was something I did a relatively long time ago. Back when I was using Pro Tools (vs. Reaper for many years now).

Since Spinal Tap itself was a parody of the Rock/Metal scene, my song is actually a parody of a parody. You could perhaps call it a double-parody or parody-squared. :grin: I did enjoy the movie, especially the famous “Eleven” scene. So I was just poking fun at the whole thing and having fun doing it, with the ridiculous over-the-top lyrics and theatrical elements.

Thanks Rene for your inspirational words! You have given me some things to consider, especially since it seems the globalist psychopaths thrive on controlling people with fear and anxiety, so the antidote to counter that - on a consciousness level - may be sharing Love and Peace through music. You do a great job of shining your light through your music. I haven’t commented on it often, but I have watched and listened to many of your videos.

Excellent! Very courageous and principled, that’s definitely what is needed in these times.

I used to dream of changing the world. I always though there was something ‘wrong’, or too much injustice and war. In the current situation I think of it more as We The People reclaiming what is ours. I do think it can be done, and we can do it by joining together and insisting on truth, justice, and righteousness. And not by anger and outrage, but through Love and persistence based on our sense of right and wrong.

Thanks again! I’m glad the thread has started conversations on the forum and has been meaningful. I frequently veer off into “the meaning of life” and other existential meanderings, which may be my best or worst trait, depending on the reader’s perspective. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Stan!
Great responses!
But the most effectual conversation is:

“I am only “one”, but if you are with me, then we can be two.
Between you and me, (if your are with me), then we are 100 %.”

And your comment:
“I used to dream of changing the world. I always though there was something ‘wrong’, or too much injustice and war. In the current situation I think of it more as We The People reclaiming what is ours. I do think it can be done, and we can do it by joining together and insisting on truth, justice, and righteousness. And not by anger and outrage, but through Love and persistence based on our sense of right and wrong.”

Is still very much alive!
Your thoughts and comments, between you and me - is 100%
And, just between you and me, “WE CAN DEFINITELY CHANGE THE WORLD”!

My initial answer:
“Can we change the world?
Your answer is not required, this is just a food for one’s thought.
My own answer to that question, is “probably not”!”

Between you and me, “probably not” is not the answer!

MUSIC ZERO = Zero chance of “bad prevailing”. And this started with do, re, mi, fa, so, la ti, and do!!!

And that is my final answer!!!

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Thanks for repeating that. I did notice it, though I didn’t respond to it. WWG1WGA?

It has frequently been said by Patriots that “GOD wins!” My understanding is that this is a truth, but that we humans have to go through the tribulation to get there - we have to fight the good fight. Not in fear, but in Love and Truth. Yes we can change the world, and we are doing it as we speak. Censorship is only an obstacle, not a determinant.

Your words give me hope and faith, thank you for your straightforwardness and honesty!

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Hi Stan,
Thanks for the great conversation!

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Maybe you should change the channel once in a while. It’s hasn’t been doing you any good. Seriously, Spoken as a true friend.


Well, thanks for thinking of me and the advice. :slightly_smiling_face: There is clearly an extreme divide in the country, politically and ideologically. Some see it one way, others see it another way. It appears this is happening all over the world too. BTW, I don’t just listen to one channel and believe everything I hear. I do a lot of information gathering and research to try to understand what’s going on. It doesn’t look good, from where I’m sitting. Not good at all. Yes, that’s challenging for anybody to look at.

Whenever I or the band I was in at the time could afford it, we would rent a Tascam 4 track. I still have those Master Cassettes and wish I had an Interface of some sort to transfer them over into this realm.

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Get up and change seats unless of course you be glued to it and of course if it don’t swivel and recline, don’t bother, those chairs are murder on the back eh!

From each corner of a room the perspective changes… choose no corner and climb the ladder in the middle of room, grab your opponent by the throat as they try to crawl over you to reach the brass belt first and throat slam 'em to the dirt, grab your 3 count and collect the prize on top of the cage… er… yeah.

I wrote a little poetry blurb about this very thing recently as the idea this represents has been on my mind a long while.


a person will have a people
but a human has a race

people divide all not alike
yet humans are all the same

a people will conquer and dominate
while the human cannot relate

people judge and criticize
and humanity gets all the blame


You’d have to have another 4-track cassette system that could ‘read’ your tracks properly first (it uses Side A and Side B stereo tracks in one direction simultaneously), unless the Master Cassettes were mixed/bounced down to a regular stereo cassette format. Anyway, if you have a cassette player that will do the job, and it has RCA jack outputs (old phonograph style jacks), you can get RCA-to-1/4" mono/stereo (TR/TRS) adapter cables and the 1/4" (same size as a guitar cable jack) can plug into a digital audio interface. I’m sure I have done this before and it worked. You have to play with levels (Gain) and noise floor before you record, but it should be quite do-able.

A long time ago I took some of my old Master Cassettes (from the 1980’s) to a digital transfer place, and they transferred the songs to CD. That was before I had a digital audio interface. I had 2 tapes (they were in standard stereo mix-down format) that went to 2 CD’s, all those early songs I had produced. I don’t recall the cost, but I think it was under $100. That was pretty early days of digital stuff though, may be different now.


I learned something like that some years ago, but had forgotten the exercise, so thanks for the reminder! Sitting or laying on the floor, rather than a chair, can change perspective too. Or outdoors vs. indoors. Lots of choices. That kind of goes along with “smell the roses” I think.

That said, I do have some positive thoughts about where everything could go, as I’m sure it has many times over in history. Those transformations are usually pretty messy though, so that’s part of my assessment. The “Let them eat cake” moment will probably now be “Let them eat crickets” :smirk:

Nice poetry BTW, I like it.

I like that, Devyn! It seems too simple, but you make a very thought provoking point quite poetically.

If you had a cassette player and the RCA cables to connect to your audio interface and Reaper or whatever DAW, you certainly could DIY and get a pretty good capture of your music, but I do see sites that do it for $30 a cassette still, which may be worth it. I would consider buying a used TASCAM 4 track on Ebay or somewhere if I had a bunch of them, hopefully snag one that works well, and plug in and convert yourself. You could sell it afterward if you had no more tapes.

I once thought I would convert my albums to digital, and I did one album by plugging it into my DAW. It worked, had a lot of authentic record noise, like some old Napster files, but then I realized I could find almost every album online anyway for free, and that was a far easier way to preserve my music. Now it seems redundant as I can stream almost everything, and there is only so much time in the world. But one’s own music is different, so I appreciate getting that done. It’s like old family photos and slides which may not survive decades in hot attics, it is nice to digitize them one way or another. I once set up a slide projector and my digital camera on a tripod and took pictures of 3000 slides my dad took from the 60s on. It worked well and is on a web page now, which I need to update. Our memories, including our music, are somewhat precious.

I have been preoccupied with life for awhile and found myself in this thread before I even knew you were the creator, Stan. I wish you success in dealing with your ongoing problem, where it seems your political confusion and disillusion has interfered with your musical creativity. As depressing as the state of the world is right now, I refuse to allow it to quash my musical aspirations, as minor or misplaced as they are. Writing protest songs is wonderful only if you are protesting for the just side. For example, the 10-year old rape victim who now has to cross state lines to get an abortion. There is no moral defense to be made in a protest song for the new law, and I think trying to do it would be spiritually depressing. If one were paid $10,000 to write such a song, one wouldn’t feel any better about it. There are so many examples nowadays, and if one can’t write a persuasive protest song for a particular side on any social issue, one that leaves one with a clear conscience, it is a sign that one is on the wrong side of that issue. It’s that ‘people’ thing, and the path back to ‘human’ is the only way to get past it, especially when it means one has to take a side.

I just wrote a protest song of sorts, made a video on Youtube, It Might Change Your Mind (Watching a January 6 Hearing), I take one side, and I feel very good about it.

It Might Change Your Mind (Watching a January 6 Hearing)

I don’t think anyone can write a good protest song on this subject for the other side.


I’ve got other simple ideas that from a perspective can be seen as either too silly to be true or just too stupid period.

How can Poverty ever end?
By giving up on money/wealth.
How can Discrimination ever end?
By forgetting about the differences.

Everything always seems to boil down to personal vanity when I analyze it but still I am glad my thought was provoking and not outright dismissed as lunacy from the get go.

a cold non Canadian beer awaits your visit

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