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Yes, I would call it “Identity”. It’s an “ego construct” IMO, though you could argue it’s necessary for survival. It’s like an actor playing a part, a character. Which is fine if the actor realizes they are playing a character part of the time, and doesn’t get lost in that Identity. That has happened to some talented Hollywood actors, they get so immersed in a major/popular role that they can’t shake it for years afterward, it becomes their new reality. And frequently leads them to disillusion and depression (Jim Carrey talked a lot about this).

Another big divide amongst people is the secular/atheist vs. the spiritual. They are completely different worldviews that inform your beliefs and your choices. The secular/atheist, which has been promoted in terms of postmodern nihilism, probably only understands Identity and can get stuck in that. If all that exists is materialist random chaos or random order (?), there is nothing else, and your Identity is all there is until it’s time for you to become worm food (death). From the spiritual standpoint, there is much more to existence and infinity/eternity, so there arises a sense of The Witness that can step back from the drama of the world, and see things perhaps a bit more objectively (in the non-material sense) - even if for brief moments of time.

That’s not really the issue, but I can understand how you might choose to see it that way. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone thinks they are on the ‘just side’, or they wouldn’t be on a side. This is my point about “Identity”. Even saying “2 sides” is overly simplistic, I simply point out the Great Divide but realize there are dozens or hundreds of “micro-sides” to each one. Virtually everyone who chooses something is going to believe in it for their own reasons - remember that Identity thing? :wink:

It is not political confusion or disillusion to question everything and be fluid in adapting to new information and new situations. And it is also a question of priorities. I’m sure you’re aware of the supply chain, food security, and inflation issues. I believe there are multiple versions of this quote, and I don’t know the source, but the idea is pretty much the same in all of them:

“Any civilization is only 3 meals away from Revolution.”

There are many examples, but right now look at Sri Lanka, The Netherlands, and Panama. Try to take the “macro” view instead of the “micro” view, at least for a few moments.

I’m not going to debate you on the J6 issue, or attack/defend it. It’s history, it happened, like many other historical events. I would point out that MSM encourages the Great Divide, especially in the political arena, to get you outraged and distracted and focused on only that (remember Identity?). It’s the old “look over there, don’t look here” trick (oldest one in the book probably). If you’re boiling mad about the “issue du jour”, you’re not looking at the globalist elite cabal that is planning your elimination (“useless eaters”) or technocracy enslavement. If you’re truly concerned about democracy, at least take some time to look into that situation. Worldwide revolution against the globalist elite cabal, which is already happening, will probably make J6 look like a Sunday picnic. Choose your priorities.

I do think that if enough people wake up and speak up, things can move in a peaceful direction. That’s part of the reason I say the things I do. When the tyrants realize the people are coming after them for their crimes and corruption, they usually flee the country into exile. At that point, you still have to deal with the Great Divide that has been created (largely by propaganda), and how to reform the system with some degree of unity and cooperation. I hope that’s still possible, though I also think we’re in the ‘decline’ phase of Empire.

I don’t like the 2-party system, and don’t wish to be partisan. I just try to figure out who are the good guys/gals, and who are the bad ones. And how to negotiate with the ones in between. :thinking:

“Every society is three meals away from chaos”
― Vladimir Lenin

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He should know! Where would Russia be today if it hadn’t been flung into revolution and chaos over a century ago, and later experienced hunger and starvation? Probably not laughing in the face of Western sanctions with a stable Ruble and growing BRICS membership. I’m not taking the pro/con route, just pointing to cycles of history, and that change and resilience frequently only come about through upheaval and adversity. As I always say, “buckle your seat belts”.

Unless of course one doesn’t mind the bump in the ride on the road or one travels on a motorbike, chopper or scooter and what the heck is one 'spossed to do if they ride the bus huh eh?. There may be a final destination but there is also the packing and setting off, which may in the end be just as important as finally getting there.

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Just because you ‘think’ you are on the ‘just side’ doesn’t mean you are on the ‘just side’. Humans have all kinds of personalities and ranges cognitive abilities. It is genetic as well as learned, and the saddest and scariest are mass murderers. They picked a side, they may think it is just, but if it isn’t it isn’t.

This worldwide revolution against the globalist elite cabal sounds like the great reset, which somehow the Steve Bannon and this anti-progressive Fox/Breitbart MSM attributes to progressives while the progressives consider Trump and his gun loving cohorts who attempted a military coup, who are so disillusioned with the rule of law and orderly change to this day, to be the great reset promoters.

The failures of orderly change are many. Progress is slow. Revolution is easy to promote as a valid short cut to a better world. History is full of them, but progress is not contingent on violence. Usually it is just frustratingly slow. The “useless eaters’” idea is ridiculous because there can be no super wealthy without them. They are the consumers of the products that make the wealthy rich. Therefore, not only are they not useless, they are essential.

I say this knowing full well how misinformed, and worse how inept at fact checking humans tend to be. I think smart phones and the internet have exascerbated the information problem. We have no regulation of bad information, and with AI it will improve in the near future. AI will tag and block bad info and behavior in real time one day, and then red flagging the extremist and violent individuals will be possible for the first time in history. This might sound frightening like some infringment on freedom and free speech, but freedom to lie and be hateful ought not be protected, and technology will address this.

J6 ought to end with Trump in prison. That’s what the facts say. That’s what the hearings are laying out. The DOJ will likely make a move in August-September before the elections. They will then resume after the elections.

  1. It’s difficult to write “globalist elite cabal” with a straight face. But as Dave Barry would say, it would make a great name for a rock band.
  2. It’s interesting to see the rats that are suddenly jumping off that ship. FOX, Rogan, etc. Suddenly, amazingly, the scales are falling from their eyes! Trump? Who? What? Ha! It’s on to the next useful idiot.
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Revolution doesn’t necessarily mean violence. The Civil Rights
Movement was designed as a peaceful revolution, as was Gandhi’s
opposition to British rule in India. Please think ‘outside the
box’. When the huge crowds gather, as they are doing in The
Netherlands and now even Canada (again), the tyrants know
it’s time to leave (not to mention Sri Lanka, Panama, Ecuador,
etc). Nobody ever thought the U.S. could become a Banana Republic,
as many of our foreign wars of regime change and Color Revolution
coups have caused, but it appears we are there now.
BTW, the meaning of the word comes from Latin revolvere “to
revolve, roll back”. To move around something changing position
(revolve) or perspective, which can relate to ‘progress’ (like
Earth’s seasons due to revolution around the Sun), or in this case
to “roll back” to Constitution and due process.

But you forget, or don’t realize that, Uncle Klaus (Schwab) even
told you it’s a New Normal and a Great Reset, and all his puppets
around the world have been repeating his mantras - i.e. “Build Back
Better”. The old rules are out the window. They are turning the
tables on you and all of us, while pushing MSM narratives of some
new Utopia if you just pay their carbon taxes (another ‘take from
the poor, give to the rich’ scheme). It means they own everything
and profit off of everyone by controlling all people and
transactions through Digital ID methods and Central Bank Digital
Currency (CBDC) as well as “AI enforcement”. You’re presuming to
understand the mindset of someone who probably thinks very
differently than you do. They’re just shifting their profit model
through means of control; more control over less people at a higher
profit. They can only control so many people. There are WAY more of
US than there are of THEM. Depopulation, to some degree, serves
their agenda (see WEF Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030).

That only makes sense when you dehumanize “those people” (largely a MSM fictitious creation) and look for “The Final Solution”. I feel you are horribly misled. More control in the hands of a select
elite class bent on global control is not a good thing (remember
how that worked out?). Absolute power corrupts absolutely. You may laugh when the people you disdain get the ‘badges’ and get carted off on cattle trains to ‘camps’, but they’re coming for you too.
The above mentioned control mechanisms mean you will need
permission for what you eat and drink, where you go/travel, who you
associate with, and what you say. No more Freedom of Speech, no
more freedoms of anything … except freedom from thinking for yourself! (remember George Orwell’s 1984 “Ministry of Truth”?)

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” - Benjamin Franklin

I wish you could ‘hear yourself’. Politically motivated ‘partisan
justice’ and political prisoners; that’s what this is all about.
That has nothing to do with Constitutional “due process”. They have
already issued their ‘guilty’ verdict before the ‘trial’ even
began. That’s not justice or due process, that’s corruption and
graft. (see “globalist agenda”)
There is so much corruption. If you think there is any virtue in
politics or government or MSM or corporatocracy, I don’t know what
else to say. Maybe you missed the Katy Tur ‘admission’?

[Katy Tur, MSNBC, interviewed by Niall Stanage of The Hill, about her memoir “Rough Draft”]
“people don’t trust us … they don’t believe us … and it makes me wonder if the job as I’m currently doing it … is effective … uh, but if
it’s doing more harm than good.”

MSM is largely propaganda and brainwashing. Someone once advised me “change the channel” :wink:, and looking beyond the facade is very important.
The whole thing is an attempt to block Trump from a 2024 run. They
say ‘how do we do that, oh look the 14th Amendment “insurrection or rebellion” clause would work perfectly, how do we find a way to make that charge stick?’ (per Alan B. Morrison, associate dean at
George Washington University Law School)
It’s a political route of legalistic reverse engineering. That’s
not “due process”, that’s political partisan graft. If you can have
a fair non-partisan (or at least bi-partisan) J6 investigation,
more power to you. There are people rotting in jail with no
charges, as political prisoners. Charge them with trespassing or
vandalism or … whatever, and get on with it. But no, they have to
be held in perpetuity while partisans and MSM keep this in your
face daily and weekly so it doesn’t fade with the typical fickle
news cycle. It’s all a huge game, “The Clown Show”, and I wish you
could look past the madness, even for a brief moment.

To each his own. I just suggest that people ask their own questions, do their own research, and come to their own conclusions (don’t rely on MSM!). I’m only the Paul Revere type announcing “the globalists are coming!”. :smile: It’s advancing, day by day. Slow enough for most people not to notice, but take the long view and look at the trends. They tell you what they plan to do - always. You just have to be paying attention. :wink:

I notice that there’s a trend for people like Steny Hoyer and AOC to jump off the Brandon ship. Many more, probably, who won’t commit to public admissions. I can’t imagine you don’t know this is all Political “Kabuki” Theatre, to take your eye off the (globalist) ball. The tactic of “Divide and Conquer” goes back millennia. At the end of the day, we probably have much more in common than political differences. Yes, everyone has their own opinion, and there are multitudes. Someone once told me “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”, and that tends to put everything in perspective.

You probably won’t like this one, but that’s okay, we can agree to disagree. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to discuss things it would really help if you would not lay out these long disorganized rambling posts. If you just want to vent that’s fine but it doesn’t help convince anyone of your points.

How about we pick one topic at a time? Do you believe that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” by the Democrats? If so, can you give us some proof?

I don’t know that there’s any other way. I was actually going to say that talking these things out (as much as is possible on a text-based forum) has helped the music come back to me. Playing guitar again, etc. Yes, perhaps some has been venting, but much more than that has been well-thought-out observations of the state of the world and responses to those ‘skeptics’ who can’t seem to see what is happening. More than my own ‘therapy’ … is a desire to reach people who might be thinking the same things as me but might be afraid or hesitant to speak out. Like the farmers in The Netherlands are doing. They are not going to let globalist government officials shut down their farms and steal their land.

I can’t convince anyone. I realize that. This is why I say “do your own research”. Until you want to see what is going on, you won’t open your eyes to see it. Free Will Choice is an obvious imperative.

Yes the posts are long in some cases. That’s unavoidable when trying to describe it in a text-based format. However, I will point out that my responses generally are very well thought out and specific as much as possible. It’s not always the speaker that is ‘off’, it can also be the listener/perceiver. :wink:

Even experienced journalists don’t always get this right. On a text-based forum it’s next to impossible. Sure, try to do it. But don’t expect it as an end result. Especially when others throw a “wrench in the works”. :joy: I’ve been pretty focused on how the globalist agenda has impacted my creative impulses. I feel the posts have reflected that with uncanny consistency. You may not agree, and that’s okay. To each his own.

I don’t know what happened, and I don’t think anyone knows what really did happen. But there are tons of red flags (i.e. “2000 Mules” and many other reports). That means that there should have been a non-partisan investigation with quick results (rather than immediate denials with no evidence). Most people understand that can’t even happen in the current political environment, which is a shame, but the result is that half of America will not trust any election results for generations unless it is resolved. That destroys “democracy”, so anyone claiming to want that process is lying to themselves that you can have any semblance of democracy without confidence in elections.

The “proof” thing is clearly quite a challenge. Proving election fraud is very difficult, especially when half the nation - particularly paid off politicos - fight against any accusations of such. It’s still being debated and challenged in court, especially in Arizona and Wisconsin, even Michigan and Pennsylvania. But things are coming out. It’s like the “nutrition debate”, multiple opinions and multiple studies cited as evidence. Very little is actually settled as factual in many areas of life, despite what many would like to believe. But when many people lose confidence in government, media, and the essential fabric of society, you have a MAJOR problem on your hands … and you can’t afford to just “write it off” as many do.

If the tables are turned, and you’re asked to prove elections are fair and uncorrupted (“no widespread election fraud”), the same criteria face you. How do you prove that? It’s well documented that voting machines are compromised. Even the people and processes are compromised. There are innumerable variables that very few can even try to interpret. Even then, it’s only data analysis that is devoid of social behavior impact. We should have never got here, but here we are. If you can’t resolve this, it seems a Civil War is looming. Nobody wants that, but The Great Divide is well documented in history books. It’s happened many times, and was quite ugly, but history will make its choices. Hopefully we make our own choices before it’s too late! :pensive:

Glad to hear it’s helping you get back on the saddle again! Looking forward to seeing/hearing what happens :slight_smile:

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Yes, it has helped, definitely. For some reason Led Zeppelin and the Robert Plant solo stuff has been coming up for me lately. Some others as well. It’s like new seeds sprouting, and you hope they yield fruit in time. I’m sure many artists have been through that process, either in their life history or societal changes impacting them. It’s like you have to hit Rock Bottom before bouncing back into the current of the river of life again. Water is life :slightly_smiling_face:.

I know how it goes. I have had a ton of roadblocks and setbacks in my work and personal life the last several years that would take too long and be too boring to read. So thinking about creating or even really listening to music really wasn’t a reality for quite a while. Thankfully, my family and mental health has stayed intact through it all. I feel rather fortunate in light of that.

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I, for one, would love to hear about your challenges/adventures! I have no problem detailing my travails, even if some listeners/readers seem to write them off as “disorganized rambling posts”. :slightly_smiling_face: Nothing is boring if it can impact someone else’s life and outlook. We can all learn from each other, as we all have a unique perspective on this thing called ‘life’.

That’s how I felt lately … not even wanting to listen to music … which was so weird for me. For about a half a century I have been a music ‘addict’, and it feels weird when that addiction doesn’t come calling. Maybe that’s a freedom impulse to not be tied to that addiction, but music can have many positive effects compared to other habits. But as you say, mental health is the ultimate gauge of functionality. Can music be an addiction? Maybe. Only we can decide. Only we can choose.

Blessings to you and your family for staying anchored in all the madness that has transpired. You are truly blessed, and should be. Be strong, be safe, and be resilient. :pray:

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Like I said, feel free to vent.

In other words, you don’t believe in “the big steal”, which was my original question. After all, Fox news declared Biden the winner. And yes, there will always be arguments; we all believe what we want to believe.

Just an observation … you seem very good at taking someone’s comments and asking pointed questions without revealing your own feelings/opinions. I don’t need permission to ‘vent’ BTW, I have clearly taken that initiative on my own. :joy: And it’s not always venting, just thinking, and that takes time and contemplation.

I like dialogue, I invite it, and I don’t care if someone agrees with me or not. That’s the basis of conversation … it’s varied viewpoints IMO. I just ask that someone is ‘based’ (as the cool kids say) and not MSM hyperbole.

Belief is a weird thing. Not a bad thing, not a good thing. It’s just the mindset and attitude you choose today, which could change tomorrow based on experience and evidence. We all have it, and it’s quite powerful in our own lives, but at the end of the day it’s the "opinions are like assholes, everybody has one” stance.

I wouldn’t say that I don’t believe in The Big Steal, but I also wouldn’t say that I subscribe to it either. Whenever someone decides with all certainty that MSM or any sources gives them the ‘truth’, they’re already deceived by a narrative. Clearly some things went horribly wrong. Fox News lost subscribers when they called Arizona for Brandon. People saw some sort of agenda. Call that belief, or call it what you want, but people realized the MSM channels, even the ones they thought might be honest, were compromised (“controlled opposition”). It’s still “corporate news”, albeit perhaps a bit more honest than the rest (maybe).

MSM doesn’t really have the authority to ‘call’ elections, it’s just information. People realize this. Especially those in 3rd World countries. The people know, the people understand. It’s all a narrative perpetrated by those in power (and those cloaked from view but powerful) to tell you through MSM and ‘official’ channels that something has happened a certain way. Most people buy it, some call bullshit on it. :slightly_smiling_face: The end result is yet to be seen if there’s an actual investigation.

The majority of the population, as far as I can tell, just want the truth and want fairness. While the current administration seems bent on destroying the country in many ways, it’s more about wanting free and fair elections. George Carlin warned us decades ago, and we thought he was just a ‘comedian’, but he spoke some essential truths. It’s all rigged, and it probably has been for decades. Yes, even Orange Man might have been put in place to achieve some objective … who knows? Voting machines connected to the internet (which they deny, but their User Manuals clearly state are possible) can easily be manipulated.

Insist on hand-counted ballots in your jurisdiction. While not perfect, I’m sure, it’s better than machine manipulated algorithms.

You’re right, I shouldn’t take the discussion away from “The Day the Music Died”. To answer your question, I’m an independent; I try and use the scientific method and jurisprudence with a healthy dose of tolerance but we are all fallible.

Stan, Stan, Stan. My advice to you is to stop freaking out over the ‘MSM’. News is a tool of any society, has always been, offering an independent view of the world, and always twisted and tainted by the different sides. Religious, political, nationalist, homophobic, racist, fascist, and so on.

First, the MSM didn’t tell me Aug-Sep DOJ block. I calculated that based on the government precedent to not introduce new cases and information too close to elections. Alas, it still happens (eg. Comey) but Merrick is a straight shooter on protocol like that and has repeatedly said so. Same for Georgia AG. Since early voting begins in October, that becomes the line of demarcation when they will not indict anyone. It’s already nearly August now, so my pencilling in those two months for the DOJ is elementary. It has nothing to do with pro-Democrat/anti-Trump politics, but the Jan 6 Hearings, if you ever actually bother to watch them, make a damning case of crimes committed by Trump. The DOJ knows all that and then some, 900 people have been convicted thus far, and they are nowhere near the bottom of the list. The hearings reveal culpability and criminal intent rather than sad stupidity at the top, and they beg the question, if we let this go unpunished, what precedent will that create next time?

Sure, the MSM hashes that out from all sides a lot, but the question is real and valid. I don’t know what the DOJ will actually do or when, Stan, but based on what I saw and heard they have enough evidence, The political pressure to not prosecute a former president is formidable, but I’ve seen the evidence and so has the DOJ.

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