Movember Cancer Benefit Song

Hey, people. With @Jon-Jon going hard with his November songwriting challenge, I have come up with a tie in. Since it is Movember (where you don’t shave until the end of the month and donate all the money you would have spent on prostate/testicular cancer research), I figure we could all collaborate on a benefit song in line with the November songwriting challenge. One that has balls. Then we could sell the single and spread it within our power, while at the same time, drumming up a lot of buzz about the site. @bozmillar could maybe use his status as most famous man on here? Maybe we could get a sponsor? Then we’d donate all the proceeds to a charity that deals with men’s cancers. Am I too ambitious?


ill just send u a dollar. that will be a dollar more than we will make on a song lol

Don’t be such a pessimist, I see potential here. If you live by an independent record store see what kind of mojo you can work on them. Get them to carry the single. I have several hundred JVC blank CDs that we can use. This would gather a ton of publicity for the site if we could get it off the ground.

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just being realistic. If we knew how to make money with our music then most of us would be doing it. Maybe you guys know a lot more than I do. feel free to show me the way lol

Was that a Frampton reference in my store?


subconscious maybe. I cant stand it (no more)…when that happens


Bob Geldof wasn’t a super big deal when he did those two giant songs for famine relief. Boomtown Rats had long since faded from the public eye. He was also less talented than many of us. When the money is going to a good cause, it makes it more palatable.


I’m willing to do something.


Fuck yeah, Big Al! I knew I could count on you. My face is itchy as hell, I believe we can cook something great up. What do you think @holster? Is it a pipe dream?

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making a song is no big deal at all. The question always is…then what? lol

I’ll take care of it all. I’ll handle the mixdown and everything, as well as promotion. @Emma, would you sing on it? Backing vocals? How about you @Cristina? We’d love the two women on this site to get involved in a song about men’s health.

Happy to help out if I can but I’m very unreliable… my voice comes and goes.
O… plus it depends on the song and whether I can even sing it… But flick me a message for sure if you have something you want me to try.

I came up with the lyrics. I figured other people can handle the music, since my brain doesn’t do commercial (or good), and I have little faith in myself as a musician. Maybe you Biggyal? Maybe @Feaker? I’m personifying cancer and declaring war. Super cheesy, but is it really any worse than “We Are the World”? I’m getting a Manowar vibe actually. :laughing:
This is how I envision @holster. That beard says it all.

Verse 1
You came up behind me and stuck a knife in my back
My body’s turned against me, but I’m ready to attack
I’m a man, and I won’t go down without a fight

I’m not going to take you on lying down
You’ll rue the day you decided to come around
No time to shed a tear, I’m gonna get you tonight

Bridge 1
You’re a villain, without a face, and no balls
So why should you infest mine at all?

I’m a fist-fighting dynamo, the modern day man
An axe wielding warrior, with blood on my hands
You think you’ve got the upper hand, but I gotta surprise
You’ve overstayed your welcome, and now it’s time to die!

Verse 2
Every day I sweat it out working for my family
Nothing in this world’ll take the fight outta me
So what makes you think your so unique?

I’m the provider, and I’ve claimed my land
There ain’t no room for you in this savage man
Your blood will form pools underneath my feet

Bridge 2
What’s that Doctor? You say I’ve got cancer?
I don’t need time to think, I’ve got the answer!

Chorus 2
I’m a mean killing carnivore, fear is my friend
If you see my eyes, your life has reached the end
Some disease won’t phase me, I’m no coward
I’m a blood-thirsty animal, meaner by the hour!

[Imagining a guitar solo]

Chorus 3
So grow your hair out long and proud my brothers
We’ll wage a war against disease like no other
There ain’t no way in hell, I’m going into the ground
It’s perfectly clear for all to hear, cancer’s goin’ down!
It’s perfectly clear for all to hear, cancer’s goin’ down!
Scream and cheer the end is near, CANCER’S GOIN’ DOWN!

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That is empowering in the most cheesy way imaginable.

No shit, have you been curled up listening to “Fighting the World” on repeat all day long?

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axe wielding warrior

yeah, good luck singing that tongue twister lol!!

Is that a tongue twister? I think it’s just straight up badazz.

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ever see the movie “meatballs”? "
remember “rudy the rabbit”? wooodie the wabbit?

them 2 w’s in a row would kill me…but it may just be a Virginia thing. I know people who couldnt say ‘Woolworths’ to save their soul

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I can say woolworths, so we must just be better than you in the midwest.

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I like what you are doing here. Cancer has taken so many of my friends and my mother. What type background were you thinking? Metal? I don’t see anything negative except that there are a lot of words in there. Have to take some deep breaths. I can see you put a lot of time in this.


we deffo got some lazy mouth but we are better than north carolinians anyway lol

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