Movember Cancer Benefit Song

Movember Cancer Benefit Song


Metallic in a very grandeur way. Like Manowar. Pretty much just be bombastic, and take deep breaths. I was thinking we could get everyone on the forum to submit themselves signing “cancer’s going down” the last three times at the end. Massive backing vox.


I don’t really think I have the best voice for metal. :smiley: I’d be willing to do some backing vocals though. I like coming up with harmonies.


midwest is pretty neutral

this girl knows the South lol, the thing about no consonants lol


Yeah, what she calls midwest sounds nothing like us. I’m surprised Bryan hasn’t chipped in this thread yet. I thought all this talk of charity and promoting the site would give him a boner.


its all a matter of perception. She sounds pretty midwesty to me. of course the "midwest’ can be a huge area. I call DavidLeeRoth midwestern and he is from Indiana, that and say, Nebraska, might be worlds apart. Im from Virginia and I went to tennessee once and it was like stepping onto another planet…and thats just the next state over lol


I’ve got you beat. I grew up in Western Kentucky. Traveling to Eastern Kentucky is even worse. I needed a translator. lol


yeah, when i went thru Tennessee I was dating a girl from Madisonville, Ky. She didnt sound strange at all but we stopped at a store in Tennessee to buy some nodoze and I thought I was in a candid camera episode


A commercial of this caliber?


well i actually thought for a second that my girl knew the people in the store and had put them up to talking very extreme just to tease me, but then I realized, nope, its for real lol


Two counties south of my hometown in Union County.