Moment of Weakness (remix)

Moment of Weakness (remix)
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Here’s an “electronic” remix of @Cristina 's song Moment of Weakness from her Bash thread here: (Bash this: Moment of Weakness) She was kind enough to share her tracks. I put it together with help from my EDM teenager. I was going to add some guitar and bass, but decided the sounds he made worked just fine. So all I ended up doing was to edit, arrange, and mix. :sunglasses:


That’s pretty cool. I would have added some stuff to change up the texture a little more, but that sounds really interesting!


I sounds great - I like how sparse it is - but agree that is could do with some bottom end during the chorus… I guess the art is not to overdo it. Second verse could do with something extra too. Love the vocal.


Thanks for the listen and the suggestions guys! Yes, Cristina’s vocal is definitely the feature here, and also why I elected to leave the mix pretty open. I am anxious to get back to this one and do some fiddlin’ and maybe add a piece or two. :beerbanger:


Interesting remix. I like the way Christina’s great voice is featured. The sparseness is good. I just have one small nag. It would be interesting to try a snare with a low pass filter on it. To my ears the higher fq’s on the snare are getting a little too much attention.


Thanks Aef, I’ll add that to my notes. :+1:


This is very good. I like when I can hear “that voice” uncluttered. It gets distant in many places. It might just be my ears. Excellent work.



Very nice sound, but yeah it needs to move somewhere else at some point, more dynamics, another part added? Neat idea though.