Mix With The Masters WINNER!

Mix With The Masters WINNER!
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Hey folks, we have a celebrity in our midst. I just got an email from the latest MWTM mixing contest for the song “Mechanical Moon”, and our very own @AaronNarace won FIRST PLACE!!! (I recognized his name from our last T-Racks contest.)

You can listen to his mix here: https://mixwiththemasters.com/contests/sonnox

Awesome job Aaron and a very hearty congrats!


Nice job @AaronNarace mix sounds great! Thanks for posting this @miked good to hear other members are .doing well .


Aw man! Those MWTM things are hard to win! Very nicely done. I looked at that contest and decided not to even attempt to mix that thing. Huge Congrats Aaron!


I entered which is why I got the email. Looking forward to getting home and listening to his mix on my monitors. From what I can tell, there were 330 entries, so yeah - VERY NICELY DONE!!




Huge congrats Aaron!!


Hey guys,

Thanks very very much!! I was very surprised when I got an email from them. I was speechless!! :scream::flushed: I couldn’t believe it!!

Thanks for the suppose! I appreciate it!



Great job @AaronNarace! I’d love to see you do a write up over here on what you did (if you don’t mind :wink: )
That’s awesome!!


That’s a great idea. I should really do that!!! @holster


I’m curious what you did with that piano.


Congratulations & well done @AaronNarace ! That was a pretty cool sounding track… Do you have a link where we can listen to your mix?


It’s the 1st one on the page I linked to… :wink:


Oh, D’oh - My bad! Thanks Mike.