Mesa boogie CabClone


Anyone ever try this?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


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Do you have a link? I’ll check it out!

here you are Sir

This one seems better

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I’ve never used one, I seem to remember some youtube reviewer absolutely slated it to the point where mesa made him do it again, and the reviewer gave it restrained, faint praise the second time but it sounded the same,

I’d sure love to give one of these a try. I for one could put one to use right away. I’ll have to try to find that review. Did he not find the emulations to be realistic? That’d certainly be a concern

There is one piece in my hometown music shop…I’ll see if they’re ok to let me test it. And I’ll let you know.

The price is around 400 Swiss Francs…so it ain’t cheap if it does nothing good :wink:

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I’m highly interested in hearing what you think of it! If you can get a recording of it, that’d be even better!! :wink:

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I know a guy that has one. It’s not good.,

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I don’t have one, but here’s an online review I came across:


@ColdRoomStudio Well, the review don’t let room for dreams.

Anyway, if I can test one for free, I’ll try and records some clips for people to compare.

I recently bought a Koch twintone amp that has a direct output built in. I’ll have this as another comparison. (by the way this koch amp sounds awesome to my ears)



I’ve heard good things about them!

But in the genre of amp-names-that-sound-like-willies, no one can trump the “Wangs” amp I had.:nerd:

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I’ll if I can get this one too.

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Hi there,

@ColdRoomStudio, @holster, @Cirrus, @Greg_L… So I tested the cab clone…I didn’t spend much time on it but here are some clip I’ve made.

So you juge!

I’ve recorded the same riff with distortion and with a clean sound. I used the Mesa CabClone, my Koch amp direct out, SM57, RODE NT2.

The Amp is a Koch twintone with a Marshall 1960 Vintage cab.

Can you guess which is which?

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

Clip 3:

Clip 4:

Clip 5:

Clip 6:

Clip 7:

Clip 8:

PS: I didn’t spend much time on mic placement…so this could be a clue…

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Will have a listen when I can… Currently manning a stall at a music festival.

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Hmmm…no file names… Ok …
Line 1. Left - Cab, Right - Cab Tone
Line 2. as above
Line 3. as above
Line 4. Left - Cab Tone, Right - Cab

Completely wrong, no doubt :smirk:

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@ColdRoomStudio normally the files are named clip 1 to 8…but I don’t know why the names aren’t shown…anything special to do when you import a audio clip?

Ok, I edit my post and wrote down the clips’ numbers. Hope it helps

Just to make it clear, there are 4 different sound captured:

Real Sm57
Real Rode NT2
Koch amp direct out (speaker emulated)
Cab clone (closed back emulation)

One time for distorted sound and one time for clean…so 8 clips

I bought one the day they came out and found it a good way to run my Dual Rec in our electronic (headphone) mix rehearsals but could never get a great sound of out if. Tended to find it made my signal sound too hot and couldn’t get my sound right. I probably should have spent a bit more time looking into what I may have been doing wrong but ended up flipping it in the end. However I recently upgraded my amp to the Mesa JP-2C which have the cab clone built in and I have to say from my limited use of it so far, the sound is awesome. I’ve heard mixed reviews using the headphones out, I use the XLR balanced out to an interface/desk and find this to be where its at.


Based on the quick experiment I’ve made, it’s not bad at all…certainly usable

OK so as @ColdRoomStudio is the only one who played the which is which game…here are the answers:

Clip1: Koch direct out (emulated speaker)
Clip2: Mesa CabClone
Clip3: SM57
Clip4: Rode Nt2
Clip5: SM57
Clip6: Rode NT2
Clip7: Koch direct out (emulated speaker)
Clip8: Mesa CabClone