Maybe we all should slow down.....yeah that means you too

Maybe we all should slow down.....yeah that means you too


I have been in a mellow, laid back, reflective kinda mood lately. I promise my next song I make will we a rocker. You don’t have to listen, just think about the pace you are running at and then the possibility of slowing down a bit.

Maybe we should all slow down

Snowflakes are fallin, they’re coverin the ground I’m in awe of their beauty, there is no sound
This would has gone crazy, folks runin around Maybe we all should slow down

Got so many things to do There’s no time for me and you…but I know that we can try
Wipe that teardrop from your eye I can be some other guy and you could change too

We gotta slow down…breath deeply….we’ll change every thing that we do
We gotta slow down…breathe deeply…there’s gonna be a better life for me and you

Deadlines and crushed times will all soon be gone You are my partner you must come along
This would has gone crazy, folks runin around Maybe we all should slow down


Very cool song, I love the concept of the song. It sounds like your vocals are just a little louder than the music, it makes me think you are standing out in front of the song in my mind. I listened a few times and I think it might just be that there seems to be very little or not effects on your vocals so they are really clear and right there in front of the speakers. The guitar seems just a little too far in the background maybe. Love the change in the chorus, reminds me of the Beatles.


yeah man i am digging the song both sound of and the message of.


Hi James I don’t refine much when I do a first take. Bad habits I developed as I sang in a band for many years and the old SM58’s begged you to make contact with your lips. I usually don’t put much on the vocals. I haven’t ever found a reverb yet that I liked. ha ha Glad it sounded like the Beatles. I think a couple of harmonies gave that away. thank you very much


Hi Eric Yeah the song is just things I think about as of late. I sit back and watch family/kids in this endless furry of activities and think maybe they all should slow down. I love your always short accurate takes on posts…thanks for taking the time


Love it! The harmonies are really cool! I def see the Beatles comparison! Message is great too, personally I’m in the middle of a university degree, 3 young kids and my wife has been recovering from cancer - things have been crazy, would love to slow down and take it all in for a bit. Easier said than done though I’m afraid. Plus, it would be nice if I could squeeze in a little more music time :slight_smile: Nice work on this one!


Hi Pirrie Yes, I remember those hectic days of long ago. 20 years old, wife pregnant, in college etc. Sorry to hear about your wife. My wife is a 20 year survivor and doing very well.
I will always have a part of my brain that pulls me toward Beatle song. I do love harmonies.
Thank you for giving me some of your precious slow down time


Very nice work Paul! Couldn’t agree more with the message as well. The older I get the more my priorities change and the more I try to pay attention to what’s really important. Easier said than done sometimes… and I’m about to enter into several months of insane busy-ness, so this is a good reminder to take a deep breath. :slight_smile:


I was just thinking of you this morning about your finances etc. Good to hear from you.


Yay I caught this one!! :wink:
A fresh sounding sweetie… lovely sentiment and the chorus has some really cool chord twists and turns and now I’m reading the other comments I can’t help but agree with that Beatles suggestion. I’d like more backing vox, but you know me on that haha… I kept imagining yet more oohs and ahhs and just a little more volume to them.
I would like some reverb on your vocal, just to give a sense of place/space and some eq adjustments if you were in a technical mode… grin…
But as a song, yep, tis a sweetie and with a worldwide message.

[o, as an aside… I just noticed that the format has changed for ‘replying’ and I can’t see my message in a separate window… I wonder why that is… ponder ponder]


Hi Emma from NZ Yes the Beatles. Nobody caught it yet but the entire prechorus is from the Beatles song “If I fell” ha ha Love those chords that go in some crazy places and then back to the root. Ebm D Db Bbm Ebm D Em D I play that song a lot because of that fact. I thought my bgv were louder. I just listened and they are almost non existent? Lots of places to add stuff like the oo’s etc I know.
I usually record without anything on the vox and if anything put on a little delay. I wish I knew what I was doing. As long as I can still bumble along and finish stuff, I well keep a goin.

Stay out of that creek…things can bite you there thanks once again


Have you ever posted any of your songs on reddit/songwriters? It’s a good place to get objective feedback from other songwriters. I find it inspires me when I post songs on there and listen to others as well.


Hey James No, I do not know of that site. I will check it out. I have plenty of time on my hands being retired to listen to songs and comment. Not that many bashes here per week:) thanks for the link


I get on there too. I actually message some of those guys to come join us! Feel free to do the same!


Good stuff @feaker!! You better not delete this one!


It is certainly not a money maker, but I do keep challenging myself to write another. You are the best boss:)


I am CONSTANTLY trying to get others on there to come here, invited a guy last week.


Ahh I went there last night, registered, and then found the site overwhelming. I tried unsuccessfully to unsubscribe. ha ha To a young man, that would be easy. Drooble is even worse. so many people with so many songs:)


Nice work, Paul your music just gets better and better every time I hear it. You are really putting it out there!
Thanks Glen


Hey Gredd Such kind words. I am trying to keep this songwriting thing going. The only problem is I don’t go back and fix everything because I am usually on to the next song. thanks you so much