Mark Rees Submission to Wasteland by@Cristina

Mark Rees Submission to Wasteland by@Cristina


Any critiques are welcomed, thanks

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I’d use some gain adjusting on the lead vocals or more compression on them because they’re hard to understand sometimes, they go under the music. The kick and toms also sound much too boomy. I’d take away some reverb from the main guitar and add it to the lead vocal because the lead vocal sounds dry compared to the guitar, and the guitar is a little muddled from all of the reverb. That kick is really controlling the rest of the song, it’s detracting from the other parts. The rhythm guitar during the solo is causing significant low-mid buildup. Although, this is your main entry, so it’s too late to change it. My two cents for the future though.


Thanks, yeah I won’t have any time later to mix anymore, so I just submitted not really being finished, thank you for your critique


Hi! I think this is a great mix. I like the reverbs and delays, the tone of the main guitar, the bass of the kick is controlled to me. Maybe I would do something different with the vocals but it works. Well done!


I think @CPF is on the mark here. I agree that the lead vox are getting buried by the instrumentation, especially once the drums and bass arrive (and toward the end where the bgv crescendo comes in) and also agree that there is too much boom in the kick & toms.

One round of revisions and this would be in really great shape! You were very close here. Nice work. :slight_smile:


I know this is not my submission(I should have waited,I had a little time before I go out of town today, after reviewing on my smaller monitors here is my result



For Thanksgiving? If so, have a nice holiday, and hopefully it turns out better for you than in the movie Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.


Kick is nice, a lil loud but nice! Really nice delays before the gtr solo. Vocals is really warm and nice but it misses some sparkle. You can take out some 400-600Hz from the gtr just to clear up some space for the vocals.

Good luck man!!


Hey, pretty decent work, you added your point of view and I found it works pretty well.
I’m not sure the artist went that way but why not after all…

From what I listened to (both mixes), I agree with previous replies, CPF and AaronNarace spot enhancements that could be done.

Nice work to me, cool!


Nice use of effects. I think you could have eq’d the verb and delay some to alleviate some build up of mud but still create the ambience you want.


Nice job.

Personal preferences…

  • the mid-tones and reverb are quite thick throughout giving a constant cavern feel…maybe change them up a bit between sections to add some contrast


Best I’ve heard so far.
Very ambient mix.
I like the FXs on main guitar.
Very good balance.
I think the reverb on main vox on “I don’t miss you anyway” is a bit too much.


One of the few mixes that don’t have harsh sounding vocals. I like it. They do get a bit buried at times though. I like the reverby guitars, but I think they are taking up a bit too much low end.

The compression is a bit heavy on the climax, and some of the distortion is a bit much for the song I think.


The kick burns your limiter! Feels very overcompressed…in other things - quite good!


Amazing vocals.
Never ending decay is nice there.
Love how you heart/kick beats ! Just my vision too.
Good balance, good eq.

Really nice listen.


I just listened to your first version and am commenting on that. Interesting approach to this song. I am enjoying the difference approaches people are taking. To me, I think someone said it above, the vocal lacked “sparkle” and it felt a little flat as a result. Actually, now that I’ve written it, that could really work for this song. The kick was overpowering with the result being that it distracted from the vocal, which should be THE star of this track. Other than that, I think your balances were pretty good and it was a nice solid mix.


Nice mix. Like the others mentioned, sometimes the vox get lost.


Not usually a big fan of super wet guitars but I really like the ambiance they create. Really nice balance throughout although the main vocal felt a little buried in spots, possibly due to it’s darker tone. Bit of a build up around 50Hz with the kick. Otherwise a solid effort, ambient but still defined.


Is this something you’re hearing or are you using an RTA plugin to find the frequency? I only ask because I still can’t really hear which frequency is which, if that makes sense.