Mark Rees Submission to Wasteland by@Cristina

Mark Rees Submission to Wasteland by@Cristina


Very nice mix. A little wet for my taste.


Upon first listen, I noticed the kick sounded a little overcooked in the bottom end, so I ran the track through a spectrum analyzer and saw there was a definite spike occurring right around 50Hz, that isn’t really adding a lot to the track apart from robbing much needed headroom. Without knowing what’s going on as far as the kick processing it’s hard to lock down the source, but a 5db cut with a fairly narrow Q right around 50Hz on the 2 buss really seemed to clean up that bottom end rumble.


Thanks. I am always looking for little tips like this. :slight_smile:


I like your use of effects


Heard on studio monitors AV-40s (treated room) , also heard on audio technica headphones

its got an Enya feel to the whole thing. Definitely a very smooth creative mix.
Mixed well - clicks and such were removed or softened , chorus was on pitch so you have definitely put some hard work in it.

Track starts brilliantly but The smooth feeling fades away later, it was working well with the ambient, guitar delay.
I think mix should have kept going that direction with new creative ambient additions and possibly removal or some other tracks. With other instruments and chorus coming in, it gets a bit much and it shows in the compression. It gets over compressed and overall quality, feeling and emotion takes a hit.

Overall it is a very creative mix.

my suggestion is that you should think about revisiting it for fun and do some more ambient additions, remove some tracks and maybe a new softer, subtle ambient percussion instead, smooth and chilly pad and carry on that “vibe” later as well.


Ooh, kudos to doing so! Did you have any issue with them, regarding their size, power and specs?
Mine has a weird low end that try to fake they are bigger. Any tip? (ok there is “with proper room treatments” but nothing else?)


I’m also interested in hearing about these…


I guess proper room treatments is a relative term, lets just say treated room lol.

but done by Alpha but as far as I know the room is about 30x20 , irregular ceiling , bamboo floors.
it has fiberglass acoustic panels, corner bass traps (rockwool), wood diffuser (not the skyline, the other kind) in the backwall behind the monitors and mic, ceiling diffusers (bamboo pyramids)

as for frequency response, the room has been analysed for real time acoustics and frequency response is within +/- 7% of accurate response.


you dont happen to have the version with the bass boost switch on the back? I recall it being an issue even with the switch off. Mine doesnt have the switch, bass seems fine .
Monitor stands might help, is all I can recommend. They dont do well on a desk.


I have the same so…

Yep, good advice. I have to have a look on monitor stands. Thanks a lot!