ManAbyss - Wasteland mix

ManAbyss - Wasteland mix


Hi everybody!
This is George from Greece.
A M A Z I N G song!
Had a lot of fun mixing and playing with it!
Many thx to @Cristina, IRD and IK.

Good luck to everybody!

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This is an EXCELLENT mix!


agreed. This sounds great.


Hey George, nice clean and delicate vocal. Really really well done! Love the FX on her vox. The fretless is a good fit. Your build into AND the big solo worked great. I really like the delay you’ve got going with the drums leading into the solo, and the guitar tone is just right. Nit-picks: her vocal could use a little more warmth. The kick is a bit heavy after the solo section. The only other (and very subjective) thing, is that all of the elements towards the end were starting to take over, and I was losing the focus on her vocal, so it felt a little “out of balance”. But your additions were very tastefully done. Really good mix here!


Well, it should!
At least two of your plugins were used here! :blush::blush:
Imperial delay & mongoose.


Thx for your kind words Miked.
Your suggestions are right and I’ll try to implement them.


Great sounding mix.


I must admit that you did a great sounding mix, nothing to say but love a lot your “mid” sounding verb (a slightly longer pre delay maybe, nothing).
Very well eQed.
The kick is very very cool too. Generally i love near everything on it but :

  • the bass gtr is too loud for me, and i found the octave jump play a bit distractive. It sounds good btw
    but it is not enough in the mix for me (maybe a question of taste)
  • nice strings add on too, just maybe a bit thin and loud to (nothing)

Once again have to congrats for that cool work.
(the bridge’s synth bass is amazing)


…Have to say that this mix has probably the best tonal balance of the contest.


Moa22, your comments make me feel extremely happy. Thank you so much!
Regarding the bass volume level, I hear you.
Actually, I wanted it lower in volume than this, while my friend, the bass player, wanted it even louder than what you hear. So, we settled somewhere in the middle. :blush::blush:


Should never trust a bass player !!!:wink:


Now I know! :slight_smile:


Hey now, I resemble that statement!


phenomenal mix!! sounds very rich and loved the chorus you added “dream about the drive” . Bass notes were spot on.

low end on the reverb was on the higher side, reverb overall was on the higher side. bass is mixed int a wee bit too loud.


Thank you very much for your comments!

I agree with you about the bass volume and I explained on a previous post why it is a bit louder than it should be. (damn you bass player​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

You are also right about the reverb! I used there a trick I learned about only few days before I mixed the song.
It’s called “The Abbey Road reverb trick” and it is supposedly used in Abbey Road studios.
It works by equing the reverb with a high pass filter at 600Hz and a low pass filter at 10KHz. :wink:


I really like the balance and sense of space you’ve created with this mix, the up front vocal feels very intimate. A little too much direct reverb on the main vocal for my taste, and I felt they were a little abrasive/harsh due to a build up around 4.5k. The kick could have done with a little more presence, I just thought it felt a bit muddy and undefined. Otherwise a really nice mix.


I find that the bass is good. I am not sure about where it comes in. I think that it would work better to bring it in the same time as the drums. I also felt that the bass could be a little tighter. More compression to bring up the level and then turn down the volume on it. there are some other tasty little things you have added that make this an enjoyable mix. Thanks for sharing.


I really don’t dig the vocal doubling, almost sounds like Cristina is an alien. The drums are a little thin, mostly the snare, I’d kick them up a knotch in the ass. I like the vocals, however I’d trim back the highs on them a little. Love, CPF.


Thx for the feedback CPF!
I hear you on the vox and drums.
But is the doubling really that obvious?
It’s only on the choruses and I meant for it to be discreet.
I’ll check on it later at the studio.


It was obvious to me while listening on computer speakers and some cans. I still say it’s pretty good. I mean, if I was on a desert island, I’d rather listen to this than pick sea urchins out of my bellybutton.

Playing for time, don’t wanna wait for heaven
Looking for love, for an angel to forgive my sins
Playing with fire, chasing something new to believe in
Looking for love, the way the big wheel spins
The way the big wheel spins