Looking for some dark lyrics

I was messin with this little intro thangy adding some off notes and ended up somehow in a Gm Eb and D progession. ha ha I don’t have any ideas for lyrics yet. I usually do them simultaneously. I put some stank on the bass(too much ?)

update. I put some guitar accents/transition parts and a lead break at 1:33 Don’t know if it is the right flavor in that it is not a screaming lead. Trying to stay with the mood?

added some more stuff and it sounds like a whole different song starting at 1.54 Ha ha Will cull it out soon


Definitely death. It sounds like a song the grim reaper would sing. Or maybe like, a lonely vampire. The distortion on the bass is great.


Ha ha I have been slightly depressed as of late. Could have been an influence. The grim reaper gives me an idea or two. Thanks Christina

The emphasis on the minor keeps the mood towards negative emotions as well as the tension in the progression, but the lyrics may be cathartic in nature.

First 2 thoughts: 1 gothic; 2 Metalica as part of a slower section
so you could do some word association around gothic and include Google image searches for gothic for sensory details

For other sources of inspiration, browse Edgar Allen Poe’s works and take on a point of view from describing the character’s summation of a situation pre/post climax to the story plot

Musically, this motif is long enough, so you want to now work on the contrast section; replace long with short; slow with fast…and as it sounds like a verse section, figure your lyrical and musical hook for the chorus (your big picture idea said with your unique voice)

This may sound too prescriptive, but I find going through a system of sorts makes the moments for aha possible.

Also, consider working through the process before bedtime, or nap time and be aware of your “shower thoughts” or first ideas as that is your sub-conscious working while you’ve been asleep. Even if you start thinking of other songs, don’t dismiss it. It may be your sub-conscious pulling out a chord progression or thought from another song you can use in part.

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Hi Mr James First off, thanks for giving this so much time and thought after listening to my demo.
I knew from the first time I played that intro that it was going to be an interesting challenge. In fact, because I didn’t have a lyrical direction, I named the track “different” Most of what I do have been old rockfish stuff and sickening ballads.
So far I am thinking grim reaper, love sick vampire, and Edgar Allen Poe. What fun.
I just mumbled a few things in the one take vocal. I tried three different ranges to listen and compare later. I think I like the lower stuff the best, however it is harder to hear.
I used a compressor selection called round and deep on the bass with a complete deep cut at the 400 mark that gives the vocal a better chance (IMHO)
I have to digest now all the thought provoking ideas you wrote. I hope to get right back at this tomorrow as not to lose that feeling. I can tweak out the imperfections later if I can get it all done first. Once again, thank you

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Nice one. Speaking of goth, it reminds me just a little of this one…

You can read about the inspiration for the song in the description. I had no idea about it, but it sounds similar to what you might be going for.

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Yeah, that’s a wild ride and not too difficult either. I never planned this sound of mine, it just popped out as messed with my guitars. ha ha Looks like it might be fun to put it in video form when I get some time. Ain’t got much of that coming up. I have to look up how many hits this song above got?? Take care bud

ooh I like this one, cool dark thonky (? hehe) progressions… it would be fun to jam along to and just throw words together…’
sitting with a bucket of
things I found
rusty old pieces lyin
dark on the ground…
well I have a heap of garbage words that fit with this…
love the edgar allen poe thought…

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Cool, Ozzfest at Feaker’s house, now you need some flamethrowin’ guitar on there, might be somebody around here that remembers how to do that. I like it!

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Ok Emma It might be that I planted a seed in your brain. How many of these unusual lyrics do you have lying around :slight_smile: I remember one of your remarks on the forum (can’t think back which topic) that you said something to the effect that you started on a G minor and mess with some odd notes. I haven’t ever started with that chord, or the E flat, but with that run down on the intro, that is where it landed. ha ha A real musician will laugh at that statement. I sent you a PM

I think it would be cool to put this in a movie like Rocky Horror Picture show and give it come humorous lyrics. By the way, I dig this track.

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Hi bud. I like the fest at Feaker’s line. Yeah this is an hour’s worth so far with just four tracks and a crappy (fishing for a melody line) vocal. I have decided to go on with finishing this because it is fun and I haven’t heard any negatives yet. Dark is the present flavor

Hi Al Yes I think a video would be a blast. Not sure about any lyrics so far. I have a 23 hour drive in front of me Sunday, so I have a lot of time to think. I will have my copilot with pen and paper in hand.

Awesome about the copilot. Not so much the 23 hour drive. If you get stuck for lyrics, maybe there can be an IRD collaboration. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi again Al Sorry I didn’t get involved in the contest. I am a poor mixer :frowning: My wife usually plays games on her ipad the whole way. Then after 16 hours of straight driving the first day she says 'I’m bushed, we have to get a room" I’m thinkin REALLY? She some times helps with the traffic, and when she tells me to slow down, I call her the nagigator. Yes all options on the lyrics are open. I am reading some of Poe’s stuff now???

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seed planted…
you never can tell with these seedy characters though… :rofl:

Hey Emma girl, you be tagged to sing on this creepy lil tune. I ain’t got the time to mess with it just now, doin electrical, plumbing etc on my new home away from home, but I am determined to get a non typical performance out of you. Bucket list thangy. How’s that for being pushy?

Hey Paul,
I am in Washington for 2 weeks… got snow my first day here! Having an awesome time…
Will check this out when I get home

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Hey, another cool songwriting from you, really strong result I found.
I love the vocal processing and the overall tone, it sounds spot on and acurate to me.

Only thing I would complain about is I found the bass guitar too shy to me :slight_smile:

Nice work again!