Just Realized RR was dead! Now know this site exists!

Hey guys,as many others would of realized,it seems RecordingReview has died a slow and painful death.Nevertheless i see most of you guys are here! Which is great.Got to get used to this new forum format though,kind of weird,or phone internet like? Would of liked to had a crack at the Manic Mix Off but i found out abit to late,but ill be keeping eyes out for the next one.

Hope all is well with everyone.



Welcome @BillyBoBBizWorth ! If you need help with the new layout and features just ask or go here :

Site features

Dude! Welcome!! I’m stoked to see all you guys showing up. We’ve been having fun around here. More contests in the works. No worries there :wink:
Feel free to rate some entries. You could still win a prize!
Let us know if you have any questions about the forum software. There are a ton of features and tricks. We have a thread here that covers a lot of it. Talk to you soon!!

Hey man. Hang in there…you’ll love the new layout as soon as you get familiar with it. Its sooooooo much better!

Yes brutha, there WILL be more contests! Welcome old friend.

Welcome BBBW! The mix contest is pretty reminiscent of the RR SDC some years ago, I think you’ll enjoy checking it out, even if just to see what’s happening now.

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Hey BillyBob! Glad you made it over. Yep, this is the happening place now… lots of good stuff happening. :smile:

Another one makes their way. Welcome over BBBBW

Welcome back :slight_smile: