Site features

Site features


I wanted to create a thread where people can share what they’ve discovered about this forum. The software that we’re using has a lot of features, so feel free to post any tricks you learn along the way :thumbsup:

Just Realized RR was dead! Now know this site exists!
Excellent work Holster!
Opinions on the remix and remaster
Cool features of this forum to share with everyone

Website Previews

If you share a link to some popular websites, you’ll also see a preview of the page directly on the post. super cool! example…


Mentioning Other Users

I just learned that if you call out someone (like on twitter or facebook), ie, @bozmillar, it sends them a notification that they were mentioned. cool :thumbsup:

also, as soon as you type the “@”, it brings up a list of choices. also cool.


Adding Images

You can drag and drop images onto the edit screen, upload an image, post a URL for an image (and it will automatically retrieve the image), or on Google Chrome, you can just copy and paste an image. Nice :slight_smile:

Creating a poll To create typical poll surround a list with [poll] and [/poll]

with a hyphenated list

  • option one
  • option two
  • option three

or an asterisk list

  • option one
  • option two
  • option three

or, for numbered options—

  1. option one
  2. option two
  3. option three

This creates the following result:

  • option one
  • option two
  • option three

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You can also make a multiple choice poll, you simply add type=multiple (do not put quotes around multiple) to the poll tag.

[poll type=multiple] - option one - option two - option three [/poll]
You can also use * or numbers for your options, like you could with a regular poll.


You can also do a Rating/Number poll. So if you wanted to ask people to rank something from 1 to 10, you can do that using

[poll type=number min=1 max=10][/poll] (note: this option does not require you to make a list)

The following is what will be generated:

[poll type=number min=1 max=10][/poll]



Instead of signatures (which can frankly become very spammy), this software uses profiles and “cards”. Both of those are found in your profile settings and can provide more info than a signature would have anyway. Signatures have become an outdated thing anyway. To see a users card, you can just click on the user’s name or pic and it pops up. Looks much nicer :thumbsup:


Subscribing to categories and topics

Some key definitions to understand are:

Watching - You will be notified of every new post in the topic. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.

Tracking - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.

Regular - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post.

Muted - You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.

To subscribe to a Category (or forum) go to your preferences (via your Profile page) and scroll to the bottom of the page. You can add Categories by beginning to type and then selecting from the dropdown.

To subscribe to a Topic (or thread) go to the topic in question and scroll to the bottom. Just above the Suggested Topics table is a notifications drop-down, from which you select the appropriate option.


Reply as linked topic

To the right of any posted reply, a pop-up link (Reply as linked topic) will allow you to reply to a comment as a new thread. This is great way to carry a discussion into a new (related) topic without creating a mess of double-entries etc and you can easily refer to another conversation.


Browse forum while replying

Just figured out another cool trick. If you hit reply in a topic, you’ll get the typical editor to type your response. While the editor is open, you are free to navigate on the site without losing your work. You can go to a different topic and continue typing your response and it will still post in the thread that you hit “reply” to.

For example, I can start a reply and pull a quote from a completely different thread without having to open multiple tabs, etc.

Quite handy

Also, if you’re still in a different thread and you hit “save”, it will give you the option to post your reply in the thread that you’re currently in, or the one you originally hit reply in.



Most of you probably already noticed, but immediately to the right of a thread, there is a scroll bar that also shows the start-latest dates of the posts. It basically keeps an easy to browse timeline of a thread. Easy to see how relevant a thread is over time.


Continue where you left off!

This one is crazy!! Not only can you browse the site while you are in the editor… you can actually MINIMIZE the editor, go to another thread, reply, come BACK to the original thread and it picks up exactly where you left off! That’s insane!


Not a new feature but something to think about.

Flagging a post here does not necessarily need to be negative. If you click the flag on a reply, this pops up




I’m testing the look of the site to be more informative (of what we’re about) to new visitors, so if you see the site looking different than normal, that’s what is going on.

In the meantime, if you prefer to see the site as you’ve always seen it, just click on “Latest” at the top menu and the page will look like you’re used to.