Jesper Buhl Trio extract

Hey, this is a mix of a live jazz band.
The recording comes from the great multitrack library and I tried to mix it using only hardware.
Two goals: try another workflow & learn my hardware better :slight_smile:

So any feedback is welcome

I know from experience that recording a live event is difficult. I don’t know how it sounded before you mixed it, but your mix sounds very good to me! Almost like you are there. :slight_smile:

REALLY nice. Instruments sound clear and background noise captures the “live” atmosphere perfectly.

Might bring the bass up in the mix, but that’s all I’ve got. Nicely done!

Thanks for your comment!
You could have a look at the extract and the whole song here, mixed by Mike Senior obviously.
The mix is very straight forward since everything work well together at the very first step. It’s just a way to learn my gears better :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for stopping by!

Many thanks for your feedbacks!
I’d try to keep it some kinda “raw” with a bit of polish to fit some wishes (level and stereo mainly) and a bit of master to reach a proper level at the end.
I’ll do a revised mix regarding your comment about the bass, I hope it’ll work better for you.
Again, thanks for your listening and your comment.

Here is the same stuff with little adjustements.
Again, any feedbacks are welcome!