I need a mix fix

This track sounds decent within studio one and not so good after I transfer the song to a jump drive.
Weird. your 2 cents appreciated

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Can you put it on a CD or DVD or media player? It sounds good, from a transfer standpoint, on my end. Is this from the jump drive? If not, can you put the jump drive version on here?

I am at a temp wintering location and just using my laptop to run Studio one. After the session I put it on a jump drive and post it. This track came from that jump drive. It just sounds noisy all over the place? I will try it in my car next. Thanks

This has got a real prominent Stevie Nicks vibe, very cool. I’m not hearing excessive noise at all on my end. I would check your computer situation, maybe something weird with your converter settings? There is minor underlying analogue gear hiss from the amp or simulator that sounds good with this mix. If this is what you are worried about, don’t be.

Yes there is a high frequency something going on. I haven’t ever done a full song EQ before, but I might try that next. I love Stevie Nicks…gold dust woman :slight_smile:

did you lose your multitracks? the hfreq buildup is in the vocal ambience and likely better if treated individually than in post.

That seems like a sound card issue. You likely have sonic enhancements turned on your computer media player. If you are using a daw with outboard setup, that bypasses the enhancements. You might have to turn off in the settings.

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Wow good take Michelle. Don’t no nuthin bout that but will chek er out. Thanks much hope you are well

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I am good and hope you are as well! Happy new year!
Here is how you turn it off in w10

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sorry misread your post. For some reason I thought you damaged your files.

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I like the feel you’ve got here, especially the first minute and 20 seconds. The timing starts to drift pretty drastically just as the drums come in and you can feel things slip out of the groove at certain points after that as well. This would sound better if you can tighten the timing in those spots. You don’t need perfect timing but just good enough timing so that that the song seems stable.

This is a good idea that can be enhanced to create something really cool!

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Hey W I just listened again an I can hear it now. Folks that do midi don’t have to worry about that. I envy them sometimes. I will get on that and thanks.

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Hey Paul, I can’t really add anything to what has already been said. The song has great melodies and sounds good.

As Michelle observed, the vocal reverb is very dense in the upper frequencies, and I’m guessing you’re perceiving that as a kind of persistent “hissiness” behind the vocal. You could either eq the reverb with a high cut, or just find a darker sounding reverb.

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Hi Andy You know I use very little reverb in my songs. This time I thought I should slather it on. That is the culprit. Just another song journey. stay cool

I actually like the fact that you’ve used some reverb on the vocal. It adds something good to the production… I think as @Special_K18 Kevin said above, it has a bit of a Stevie Nicks vibe, and I agree. Reverb is all in how you use it.

The most important functions to experiment with on any reverb are the low cut, the high cut, and the pre-delay. You can slather tonnes of reverb on a vocal, and have it be all but “invisible” except for the fact that it lends a massive sense of depth and dimension, if you make the right tweaks with those three parameters alone.


I’m with the rest of the gang on this one Paul… get the timing squared away and that will make a big improvement. Agree with Andrew that having some verb on your vocal here is good, and that a few adjustments as he suggests will also be a good idea.

Very strong composition IMO, and a little more work will make this a real winner! I like!

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low cut, the high cut, and the pre-delay…I use the stock studio one reverbs, but I will have to check and see if they can be tweaked. I am ill now, but will get to this soon. The ole learning curve

Hey Dave I have always had timing issues. Amazing that I had children?? I have to sing that song again. The track went dead on me so I copied and pasted it and now I can’t change the reverb? Easy to sing.
We have to do another song. I have some thoughts. After I get over this covid thing maybe?

Wait, what?? Did you catch covid?? If so, I am so sorry to hear that and am sending you every good thought for a speedy and full recovery. Damn.

And I am up for collaborating with ya any time!

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What!?! Sorry to hear that Paul. Please rest and get well soon.

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Yeah, I have a two ton canary sitting on my chest. Might get that infusion.