I got by with a little help from our friend Dave

After seeing Dave live on his videos, I asked him if we could do something together. He mentioned an old song and I then I asked if he would help on a new song I was starting to put together. I had recorded a couple of acoustic tracks, and put one hard right and the other left. My playing was a little clumsy and just lacked dynamics. He did an acoustic track. I put it hard right in the session and deleted mine. I didn’t have to do one thing to it. How nice was that. It was awesome. Anyhow, I explained that the song is very dark, but he didn’t seem to mind.
I have decided to write songs from here on about things that I care about and not so much about what might be a song that everybody might like. This is about a brave lady who survived the concentration camps. Yes I know very dark. I think of it often though. I wish I knew someone who could sing her part.
Any comments on content or mix would be appreciated.
Big thanks To Dave for his patience. He actually had to email me the acoustic track. ha ha

hate born of ignorance intro Am……G Am

She spoke of long ago When she was just a child C G Am
A single tear run down her cheek She had to rest awhile

They tore me from my mother’s arms… they beat my dad to death Dm Am
I saw the smoke from those who burned and made a vow to live
We all suffered things that you could not comprehend
Hate born from ignorance G Am

Avenge the death Papa and Mama ….her precious sister Nell C G Am
Surely god alone would set this right……they would all go hell

They made me do such awful things I was so ashamed Dm Am
They took turns… spat in my face…it was their sick game
They laughed and said I liked it…they’d be back again

Hate born of ignorance… the devil in disguise……. C G Am


Wow, wow, wow!!! That’s very, very powerful, Paul - just awesome! The guitar sounds wonderful @Chordwainer Dave! Sitting here with my jaw on the floor!

The mix sounds great to me - definitely your best work, Paul!..

I really love the vocal as is, so this might spoil it… just an idea that crossed my mind. I know you have an awesome falsetto - Did you ever consider singing the lady’s dialogue up an octave in falsetto?.. or maybe layering the existing vocal with a higher one? That might be pretty compelling, or it might completely spoil it - just a thought.

What you have here is great :beerbanger: :+1: :beerbanger: :+1:

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I like it! It’s got a nice moody, folk feel.

“Hate born of ignorance”. I like that line!

The production sounds quite good. There’s a little bit of Sssizzle going on in the vocals but that’s partially due to the loud vocal volume. There are a few times in the song that I find the vocal a bit too up front but the loud vocal doesn’t bother me throughout much of the song.

Nice work, Paul and Dave!

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This is cool. The thing that really stands out (as in shines) is the bass sound and balance. Maybe it’s because I am a bass player that I notice it more so, but it has this wonderful powerful yet gentle quality in the mix with is really controlling the mood perfectly. It’s the thing that is pushing and pulling the song, so kudos on that! Well mixed.
Great song, well performed all around. It’s a ripper!

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Wow back at you Andrew. I had no clue how this track would be received. I used to worry about such things.
Dave was so good about it and didn’t pull any punches. I had sung a little chorus part that was just ok. He said “lose the singing there, folks need a little time to reflect”. Pure honesty.
I like your idea about singing the Dm Am part an octave higher. Depending on allergies, I might be able to pull that off. A little harder to apply angst in falsetto tho :slight_smile:
Thanks so much for this boost. Glad you liked it

Hi wicked guy. It was late in the game but I heard the sizzle too. When singing those low notes down to A, I had no volume in my voice so I turned up the interface. After isolating just the vocal, I heard it.
I wanted all the words of the story to be heard, so yes I think the vox is a little hot. I can’t hear that range very well so I will go back and look at the spikes. I should have use a compressor I guess. Glad you liked the song title. I was supposed to say of and not from. I mess that up :slight_smile:

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Hi Daniel I didn’t know you were a bass player. I might look you up? I have a $50 pawn shop Squire bass guitar. Lots of fret buzz. It does have an amazing sustain tho. That was a one take do nothing to it track. No runs, lead ins, etc. I did use a Studio one EQ feature that severely cuts in the 350 range to free up some room. Thanks for your kind words

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I am with everyone else. Brilliant. You know the kind of brilliance that hits you in the chest and makes you feel something.

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So glad you like it Eric. Thanks for saying that. It would not have sounded good without Dave.

That’s one of the hardest things for bassists to learn is that sometimes, less is much much more. Proven here!


Please tell me this is getting released to the masses. I love it!!


Hi boss. I can’t even get my kids or grandkids to listen. It’s like baby pictures to them…enough is enough. Dave just sent me a track for that 14 second bridge. Big time help… Thanks for the kind words

You have mail!

Thanks for the kind words about my contribution folks, but it’s Paul’s amazing composition and performance that’s the star here for sure. I feel lucky to have had the backstage pass to his brain and watch the creative process in action.

Wow Paul this is really powerful. And I think you’re right: most hatred is caused by ingnorence and the bastards that keep on feeding the ignorant with hate. Even though the song is obviously about what happened to the Jewish people (and others) in the second world war it is a theme that is very relevant today. The way social media are used to feed hatred: its the same thing, even if we don’t have concentration camps in the Western world right now it seems to me people are becoming less tolerant all the time. So yes an important song to sing, good on ya mate!


Hi Evert. Yes it is sad in the world on so many fronts. I feel most for the helpless. I hope to get more folks involved in collabs. You get to know each other so much better and can yield lasting memories.
Also suggestions that you can juggle for a better final outcome. The hardest part is to ask I guess. thanks for your two cents :slight_smile:

Awesome job to both of you! Paul your vocals are so heartfelt and “hurting” in a good way. You sold the song within your presentation. I know this is super up close and personal just as it is, but man, I bet Flute Cafe could have done some orchestral stuff that would have been amazing in this. I kept hearing one of those music beds she’s capable of doing in between segments. Whatever the case, this was great just as it was. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Hi Danny Not a popular topic for sure. I thought of strings at one point, then wasn’t sure. Michelle usually doesn’t comment on my songs. I did have a good experience with her though.
Dave just sent me a nylon acoustic fill for that bridge. I just posted it. His work starts at about 1:15 Great job again by him.
It is harder to go back an tweak now being that I started another funky one. ha ha Thanks Danny and good to hear from you:)


Hi Paul, ah the popularity of topics never matters to me as long as the message gets across and you certainly did that here. Music is not only the language of expression, but a vice for us to say what we feel within a song without coming out and blatantly upsetting people with words alone.

I have current issues with people on Facebook that feel the need to constantly bash the presidents of the united states, past and present. It irks me to the point of removing them. I went from 2000 friends to 503. If you have that much of an issue to cry and whine everyday about something, do something about it, ya know? If people have the political answers, run for office. I can’t break bread or hang out with people like that. I mean seriously, are people not thankful enough to just have air to breathe and choices in life? Pathetic on all sides.

So instead of going off about it, I’ve written 3 songs about it and can’t wait to release them. Anyway, yeah some sort of string thing may have been cool with some other goodies. Like maybe a break in between and more words/lines to sing. But as it is, you captured that up close and personal vibe. I did a song about the World Trade Center tragedy in 2004. Some of the sounds I used were done because of that up close and personal vibe they brought on. They may not have been the best choices from a production standpoint, but they delivered my message in the way it was intended. That’s where you always want to be at the end of the day. So you and Dave nailed it. He always does a good job with anything he’s involved with. :+1:

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I liked your little mini rant. My grandkids expect that of me. I am on FB too, but don’t get drawn into all the crap. I have challenged friends to post something about their life. They mostly copy and paste???
Dave is the man for sure. Lots of talent there. Lucky me.
As far as that song goes, I wish that I could have changed up that Dm Am vox delivery better. Dove into it too fast also. Never should re-use the same vox notes and pattern. I have to think about that. I am a type “A” personality and rush everything. Lucky I had kids. ha ha Love to hear some of your songs. Gotta link?
thanks Danny

Maybe @ptalbot could give some insight on places you can post this for others to hear also! I think it’s great :beerbanger:

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