I finished that recent song I had posted about the ending of the pandemic

I changed just about everything in that I wanted a feeling of hope to be present. I don’t like the drums or the bridge. That said it is done and another in the books.


Sometimes I looked but I couldn’t see…
Sometimes I touched but didn’t feel a single thing…my heart wouldn’t sing anymore
it lost it’s will… it was headed out the door

I’m sad, I’m weiry and I’m missin my friends
My heart said be patient this awfull thing is soon gonna end

Sometimes I felt like I could cry
Sometimes I dreamt of days gone by…a gentle touch…a morning’s waking kiss
An easy life…so beautiful …not like this

I just wanna talk to someone smile a little have some fun
A touch of feeling normal again
I just need to hear that all this sadness all this fear
Will soon be comin to an end


Great sound on the acoustic. You have a good song brewing.

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Hey Bob Sitting back down in my studio was such a good feeling. Seemed like it was years since I’d been there. I do feel bad for those folks that are alone, and especially in these trying times. Thanks for the listen :slight_smile:

That’s a keeper! Good sounding tune and a beautiful melody. :+1:

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I am so glad that you have found some time for music. This is sounding good.

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Hey Mike Thanks for the listen. Perks up one’s spirits playing the git fiddle again, even if it is a sad song. Take care bud

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Hi Eric I know so many of my friends are pretty down. This doesn’t help matters, but It takes me down to there pain. peace bud

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The saddest songs are often the most beautiful. Certainly applies to this one. Well done Paul! Love the guitar. How many did you record? I think I’m hearing about 3, but they blend very well so could be two or even 4? In any case it sounds great.
The background vox are well done too.
Your main vocal seems a bit distorted in places. I noticed it most in the first few lines. Maybe recorded too hot?

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Hi I only use the one cheapo guitar. Actually the g string is dead now and have to pounce on it a bit. When I hear a lack of background, I just stop, make a temp file, and record something there, and shove it somewhere to the side. Not very professional. Had and still having a lot of trouble with that main riff. It sounds tinny every way I try. If I get too close, I hear my thumb scraping loudly on the string. I could cheat and try the gibby there I guess. Just starting out, so anything goes. love to stay busy.
I have bad allergies right now, so what might sound like distortion on the vox, is actually vocal cords rebelling.
I wish I lived closer, I built my house from scratch, so i can “do stuff”. ha ha sounds like it will be a great place to live barring the sea level thing? take care and good luck my friend

That’s funny, I really like the guitar part because you get to hear nice little accents left and right and the timing is fine. It sounds intentional and clever to me :wink:

We’ve no shortage of people willing to help, but experience is usually lacking. My wife and I completely rebuilt our present house, partialy with a professional builder for the structural changes, but a lot of it with our own hands. So I guess we have some experience.

The sea level thing is taken for granted by most of my countrymen. They have complete trust in the workings of our water safety system. Our water management engineers have quite a reputation to keep up, but nothing is ever certain, and with rising sea levels the question is how long will those 9 million or so people that live below sea level remain safe. Maybe another 200 years, maybe 50. Anyway my new house lies at 70 meters above sea level, so no worries mate :wink:

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We have to do a song together sometime. Get settled and comfortable in your new place, then have at er :slight_smile:

Very cool Mr F, sometimes having things a little rough makes it better, we got lots of machines that can do perfect and we all grew up listening to the masters so things that sound real speak loudly I think.

You say that’s a cheap guitar, I could use a decent acoustic if it doesn’t require your magic thumb to make it work, what kind is it?

Sounding good, Paul !

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Hi Ingo The acoustic is an Ibanez. Needs string right now. It has it’s days. I wore out my original Fender F35 ha ha Take care bud

Hi big W. It kept my mind occupied for a brief time. Now onto another more lively variety. Haven’t started it yet because I don’t have a story. :slight_smile: stay cool

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Thank you for the recent review! Now your song: the guitars sound really good! Nice sound quality all around. Some of your vocals have a little more vibrato than I’d prefer, that is my only criticism. All of the melodies are quite pleasant. Nice song! :slight_smile:

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How cool. I love the vocal delivery. On edge and personal the whole time! That chorus is fantastic. This is a ripper of a song. I like the drums being back a little and very simple, as is the bass. Just as they should be as the focus is the vocals and guitars. Very nice bass sound. Is it a bass or a sim of some sort? If the former, what processing did you use (might just be your playing too!).
I reckon the drums need to come up (or something) during that bridge as it is choppier and more intense, yet the tension only really ramps up in the vocals and not the rest of the instrumentation. Some more defined drums may give it that extra impact before floating back to chorus again.

I really like this song. Smashed it!

Hey Paul - this sounds really, really good! You always kill it with your vocal delivery, but this is a really well put together song too!..

Not only that, this mix sounds really good as well! Acoustic guitars sound really nice, the bass is well balanced, and the vocal effect you have (mono slap delay?) suits the song to a tee!.. This is some of your best work yet!

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? :sunglasses:

Hi Daniel I play the guitars, both acoustic/electric and bass. If you saw this beat up old bass you would laugh. Paid $50 for it. Strings are about 3/8 inches from the frets.

I just re-listened to the song and heard so many things i could correct. Hard to sing sadly without a little vibrato but I overdid it. ha ha

Once again I got lazy on the drums and used the ones in studio one, and not EZ drummer. Why you ask. Because when I have an idea, I run quickly to the studio and record before I forget. Sometimes mouthing the riff the entire way as the program is loading. It takes ten times as long to load with EZ. Otherwise 30 seconds. I might go back and put EZ back in.

Thanks so much for the kind and uplifting review. This old man is grateful.


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