How’s everyone doing with “Fever” so far?

How’s everyone doing with “Fever” so far?


I’ve seen and heard some great stuff from a couple of you already, so I’m pumped to see what else comes from the rest of you. :beerbanger:

How many of you are planning to join in on this one? Running into any challenges? Just curious and checking in!

PS - just know that if any of you feel intimidated about singing, you’re welcome to do instrumental versions of this too. Just throwing that out there


I plan on recording it the next 2-3 days.

I’m a little anxious if I have enough time to submit something worthwhile since I work on my summer job. I only have week days and only until 26th of May to deliver. After that I’m completely gone.
Let’s hope working with deadline works on my benefit :slight_smile:

Great contest by the way and great ideas so far!


I’ve got my general idea down for this contest. I haven’t started recording yet though.


I started yesterday, but so far it has the suck factor of 10. Been away from the studio and guitar playing for four months. not good


You’ll still do great!


Just an idea, don’t know yet if it’s worth it. I was checking you tube if the song had been covered somewhat along the lines I have in mind. Not really so far it seems. But I came up with this link which might give you an idea, or at least a smile…


i want to but i will have to get some other things done first.


I am well along. :vulcan_salute:


I want to enter. Since the deadline is still pretty far away I should have time. Just been so busy moving house! At least my studio is pretty much set up now. The other day though I sat down with my guitar, not knowing the chords or any lyrics except “you give me fever” I came up with a little something that I’ll probably use as the basis of the song. Having no idea what you’re doing is a good way to come up with something different, haha.


Glad to hear your house move is starting to settle down some… good luck with the new studio!


I’m still procrastinating… … … …, but I will very likely be entering the contest.


I have an cool idea for a cover version of it already in my head.
The style and mood sre akready decided and i have some beats and rythem ideas.
Vocals too i think i know what type of genre i’m going to strive for.

Just need to set my pc up soon and borrow a mic! Oh the shame…


I’ve got a slow and a fast version which my fellow Interstellar Fur Traders @ingolee and @Stan_Halen may want to collab on one. I put them on our drive in a new Fever Cover folder if you want to listen. Those are mighty sweet prizes!

I’d say it has a Psychedelic Furs/Nick Cave vibe from a distance.


I’m anxious to hear what you come up with!


I did one that I posted that was about a C+ grade. Thinkin of messin again. ha ha I am bored


I thought it was coming along great! It’s already been really fun listening to what you guys are coming up with. Great contest!!


Right on, I’ll check that out!


As some of you have already noticed I’ve put my “Funky Fever” up for bashing. Getting good reviews too! Maybe I could use one of you pro’s to bash me or I might just get lazy and think I can win this thing without too much work :sunglasses: .
No but seriously, there’s a lot to be improved on the mix, and any advice would be appreciated!
Cheers Evert


You know, I am really glad there was so much time given to do this contest. I’ve made a ton of progress with my guitar playing over the last month or so by working on an arrangement for this song. It’s really had time to develop, in between all the other stuff I have going on. I know I’m not on here much lately, but I just wanted to say that. And I think I’ll be able to get back in the swing of things soon enough. I miss you guys!

I think I might even do a tutorial video for my guitar part when I’m done. I’ve learned a lot, and I think that some of the parts I came up with are really fun to play, not to mention quite challenging. Like a tongue twister for your fingers, haha.


I’m pumped to hear what you’re coming up with for this!! Good to hear from you @Cristina. Hope all is well!