How’s everyone doing with “Fever” so far?

How’s everyone doing with “Fever” so far?
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I doubt I’m going to find time to participate. Between the day job and the sound company growing, I don’t much feel like trying to record in my down time. lol


Do it!!


I have spent 30 minutes searching everywhere for the deadline on Fever, Try the search engine…ha ha I forgot and am still a bit interested. if you know it, please tell me where it is posted for my satisfaction of knowing it was not easy to find.

old bumbler


End of July :wink:


From this post in the Cover the 50s topic:


its no big deal that I don’t get crap right all the time anymore :slight_smile:


I’m still planning on entering the contest. I’ve only visualized my cover concept of Fever so far. It’s been floating around in my brain for a month or so but I haven’t focused much on it. I have the groove, some lyrics, a basic chord structure and arrangement ideas, but nothing has been written down or recorded yet. I’m a big procrastinator. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


End of july is approaching fast but few votes…
Can we activate the community to get off their buts and cast a vote? I’d hate to be judged on the basis of one vote only.


Unfortunately not many contestants yet either…


I’ll definitely be voting. I’ve been waiting for most of the entries to be submitted so I can compare them all in the same state of mind. No entry from me however, I’ve been wrapped up in home improvements and the inspiration bug just never bit on this one…


End of July is just the last day to enter. We start voting after that :wink: