How Do You Master Every Song To Be The Same Volume?

So, I’m doing an 8 song album and I want every song to come out sounding like they are at the same level. In the past I’ve always had to rely on a combination of the meters and my ears, but that is time consuming and I’d like to find a better and more accurate way.

I’m using Reaper. Is there any specific meter that I can use, that would tell me if I’m getting the ideal levels? The master buss is pretty hard to read and visually small in Reaper, AND it’s difficult to see whether you’re getting the same readings on each song.

What do you set your mix levels at before mastering? I’ve been setting my levels to peak at approximately -3 dbs on my mix, before adding the mastering limiter.

Scan using ReplayGain. I have foobar2000, it tells you how many decibels a song needs to be increased or reduced in order to fit a predetermined volume level by you. It’s what I use

If you want a metter, TT Dynamic Range meter is good and free, it analyzes dynamic range. Funny you say this, Plugin Alliance’s bx_meter is on sale for $9 today.

Where can I find ReplayGain and what will it tell me? The RMS of the individual songs, so that I can compare their levels?

Is that free? Does ReplayGain do the same thing as that?

You can also use a real-time LUFS meter like this one - it’s free. LUFS is similar, but a slightly different standard to RMS. It is a new standard that is being adopted rapidly worldwide. Most of the streaming services now have an LUFS-based measurement that they normalize playback to.


This is what it is, it comes free with foobar, and it is free. Foobar2000 is just a really customizable music player, plays most anything, or you can download extensions so it plays more. ReplayGain does not change information on a file, most people use it on their phones or iPods so that every track is consistent in volume without effecting the source material. It simply scans the file, and tags it with information to reduce or increase the volume compared to the threshold you set. Here’s an example, shows peak values too.

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