How Do You Master Every Song To Be The Same Volume?

How Do You Master Every Song To Be The Same Volume?


You and Big Al are gonna have a showdown …at sunset.


I have Peter and Gene’s solo albums on vinyl, they didn’t make it to CD.


If @BigAlRocks doesn’t listen to Gene Simmons produced bands Keel and Black 'N Blue and have their material I WIN!
Gee this sounds like “Domino”, and the bridge sounds like “Only You”.

Oh yeah, and House of Lords was Gene Simmons too. “Runaway” starring Gene Simmons and Tom Selleck also has to be in his film collection.


CPF wrote: “If you want a metter, TT Dynamic Range meter is good and free, it analyzes dynamic range. Funny you say this, Plugin Alliance’s bx_meter is on sale for $9 today.”

Sorry, but TT DR is long dead, please visit for the current, authorized version, our DRMeter and companion DROffline. BTW, bx_meter is an unauthorized (and inaccurate) version of TT DR (hence the low low price?). :wink:


It was $99 normally. I’m still using TT, so it has to be alive.


Real quick: DRMeter MkII is out. All the functionality of DRMeter, plus all R128 and A/85 metrics, plus some new and emerging (standards) metrics, plus a bunch of additional features to make metering easier and more meaningful.

By next month, DROffline MkII will be released as well…


Hi Oliver. @OMas Thanks for posting in our site. I see you’re in product management for MAAT. Feel free to announce and advertise, but it would be helpful if you could field some questions about your product line.

Would you mind giving us a rundown on a different thread why or how this meter is any different or better than the Waves, Izotope, Nugen, and TC electronics versions?

I’ll send a thread up for you if you should like to respond…