Here I am needy again....looking for guitar effects software

I am away from my studio for four months. When I play my guitar I usually run it through a boss 70 (I think). Anyway I left it home by mistake. I only have an effect called ampire in studio one that I can add to the guitar later. I would like to have a program that I could pick out an effect like and AC DC sound and record and hear it while I play. First problem is I have an old inspiron from 2009 and everything I see out there says I have to have a dual processor mine says Intel® core ™ i3cpu M350 2.27GHz I don’t think I qualify. I did order more ram yesterday to get it to 8 thinking it might help in general?
I bought a new dell a few months ago for $550 and thought it would be a good fix only to find out it has a 15 inch screen and windows 10. I tried to get it back to windows 7 and I totally failed. It is sitting in a drawer now never to come out again:) Just wondering if anyone has an idea for software to give me a little snarl when recording. I really would like to not haul gear everywhere. I have my PRS and that is all on this stay and I wanna start recording again. I contacted sweetwater several days ago and nothing yet. They know I am a headcase and have to get into my computer and install stuff every time. ha ha peace friends


No hopes for advice on git software, but what was the problem with running windows10 on your other laptop?

Only asking because I never had problems with Windows10 (using StudioOne) in my laptop, until I beat the living hell out of the motherboard.

You can monitor the Ampire plug while you play/record, it will add some delay (average 30-40ms), but I never found that to be an issue because I rarely play gits.

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@feaker: If your problem is missing the old start menu, try this:

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Hi I am totally incompetent with computers. I can make songs when everything is in place. In my studio at home now is the same studio one professional on a dell computer with windows 7.
I disconnected from the internet because everything is working perfectly there. I don’t even do updates.
We were just in a best buy and I told my 13 year old granddaughter that I shitcanned my new computer because i didn’t like windows 10 because I couldn’t find anything. We were in a best buy at the dell demos and She started dragging and dropping icons on the desktop and said that is how it is done.

I have already again looking at new dells again, but there are so many. My problem this whole time is I don’t want to mess with set up, I just wanna make music. Stupid because you need to keep up.
Even the effects software. There are so many?

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I might have like 20 hours into that new computer and did not find this. If it is possible and I do not know if it is, I will get someone to wipe clean the hard drive, buy win 7 and install it. thanks Al

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I am not really computer savvy myself. The laptop (before it took a shit on me) just had the StudioOne icon and very few other recording software icons on the main page so I could just click and go. I kept it hooked up to the internet so it could do updates on its own (OS updates) and never had a problem. The only thing I had to update manually was the StudioOne release thingys (and they were a cake walk)

I never navigated around Windows because I only used the damn thing for recording, so I really did not miss anything.

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Speaking of laptops, I still need to purchase another one. Good grief…

If I were home, I would send you that one. ha ha I get pissed and I won’t go near that thing again. ha ha

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I literally dropped an elbow on mine, in a state of rage. Ha!

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There is a set of quite good free amp sim plugins made by LePou that I highly recommend. Get them here:

Look for the blue box on the right that says “amp sim pack” with download links for Win 32 bit and 64 bit, just choose which one you need. You can use 32 bit on any system, so given your professed lack of computer expertise, I’d just stick with those.

There are four different sims with plenty of adjustable parameters, so it should be good for your needs while you’re at your home away from home…


Ok, I see them here. I am going to wait now for my daughter and granddaughter to get home to help. I don’t see any box that says amp sim pack, and I know they will find it. I do see the 32 bit. If it all works I will donate to the site
Thanks so much, this is what I was looking for. Something that will work suggested by someone who is successful :slight_smile:

Once you down load the software you’ll need to install it as a plug-in on your DAW, if you’ve done that before it’s easy.

If not tell your helpers to find the .dll file that is part of the download; and put it in the plugin folder that your DAW uses, and then tell the DAW to rescan plugins if it doesn’t show up.

Downloads like to try and do this for you and then put it in the wrong place, no fun!

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Hi guy Well my granddaughter and I got the folder in studio one in the section with other plugins like EZ drummer. When we go to pull it into the session, I won’t go. I see it is now under the category of studio one and not effects:) Might be we had to download each of the five separately?? We agreed to take a break and make some cookies for a stress reliever. I would be very surprised if it worked, but remain somewhat hopeful.

Ok, studioOne sometimes has issues reading new plugs when you put them in plugin folder as folders . I know when I added the jamstix3 drumming thing I had to fool with it to get it to be recognized in the start up scan.

Of course I am computerless at the moment or I could help you through it. Take some screenshots and post here. I will make it my missions to get you fucking rockin’ !!!

@feaker ! Put the cookies down and let us get you rockin’

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SGear is great and has a pretty long free trial that comes with it. It also works as a standalone.
Usually, with whatever daw you are using, if you open the program folder in Windows, you will see a VST folder, where all the plugs for your DAW are stored. If you open the program folder for S-Gear after it is installed, you will see a .dll file. If you drag and drop that into the DAW’s plug in folder and have the DAW search for it, it will then show up like a VST instrument.
If all you want to do is jam, the standalone will be on your desktop, you just open it up and pick a preset and start spankin’ the plank. If you want to make a preset, you select an amp, pick a mic and cabinet, pick effects, and save it if you like it. It actually feels like you are playing through a real amp. Try it out and see what you think.

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Don’t corner him with too many option this early, let us get the one he has working first! I feel an open tuning jam coming on!

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I stand down to your command, Cpt.

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You guys crack me up. I just found this
Important Note for PC Users: NEVER add the entire Program Files folder to your Studio One\Locations list. This will cause the software to crash, you MUST add the top level folder that contains the dll file or add a short cut to the top level folder of the DLL file to the Program Files vst folder that is listed by default in the Program Files section of your C drive. Again, the file path must match the bit rate of StudioOne that is installed.
Now I have to remove the folder and figure out what the heck they mean.

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