Here I am needy again....looking for guitar effects software

You know I was not seriously trying to undermine your advice, the rockin’ out is a priority though.

The stage is dark, only the flickering of the concert-goers phones are seen. Silence envelopes the crowd. Some hipster’s beard oil is overpowering and making people uncomfortable and straining everyones patience. A mass thought has perpetrated everyones brain…this is what space is like… Then the sound of ravenous thunder and fear threatens to lay waste to these humans as @feakers flys down to stage (on a cable system) and burns their souls to the ground with one righteous lick . As he plays and defies laws of physics, warm cookies are blasted from cannons out into the lifeless crowd, giving life back to these schleps!


wow If I have the time i will use this post as lyrics and surprise the snot out of you with my next rock blast. what an imagination (and visual) ha ha I tried a few more things and have to bail again before i lose it. I loaded the ddl file they wanted and it has like 800kb, so I know that won’t work. Shit
I am presently searching in this area for anybody I could hire to do this stuff. I would rather clean toilets, and I mean messy ones, than do this.


I am not giving up. Hold on! Go huff some damn lavender oil in the meantime…be right back.

I feel your pain, Paul! I HATE it when 'puters won’t go… Spent some hours trying to get old sessions running last week. I eventually got them to work, but that’s half a day of my life I’m not getting back! I

…somehow, I never stay mad at 'em (‘puters) for long once they go and we start rockin’ out, though.

Cptn, you cracked me up - awesome!

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Ok , did this on my phone so bare with me.

Downloaded lepou on my phone got this

This is the file containing the dll’s just asking, you did extract these files? (If not extract now…yes now!)

You get this

These are the dll. files that contain the sweet sweet jamming you are craving! Hang in there buddy!

Ok ,now that they are extracted. Venture over to where your vst folder is . click in the folder to where you see all of the other plugin folders . Create a new folder in there (usually by right-clicking/new folder) , name this “Lepou” . Once you have successfully added a new folder(labeled Lepou) inside of your vst plugin folder , this is where you want to copy and paste all 5 of the dll. files into. Do it , do it nooow.

Now restart StudioOne and let it scan them suckers into existance!

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I remembered StudioOne does not like naked DLL. files out in the open, place them in a new folder and you should be golden! Golden I say!

This was the thing hanging me up with my jamstix install, as soon as I placed them in a folder …s u c c e s s !

I second this - I’ve got a folder full of guitar simulators. These LePou plugins are tiny in file size, and although they are not my favourite amps I’ve got, they are certainly usable and sound great.

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@feaker , I hope all this silence is because you got it working and you are now currently melting your grandchildren’s faces off! Highway to the danger zone kenny loggins cover?

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Holy cow Cptn, download for dummies. ha ha Have to grab my granddaughter now and see if we can do this. ( I was teaching both of them to play cribbage. You took much time for this tutorial. I owe you. Not much to offer tho. It might take a couple of days to pull this off. I don’t drink anymore, but I might have one after this. Thanks again :slight_smile:

It is refreshing to know that you also get frustrated with puters. I guess I always thought most guru’s don’t struggle that way:)

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Keep us posted. I am cheering you on!

I’ll take the usable great sounds right now:slight:)

Danger zone


Do not give up on us. Hell, we can even get boz’s “vocal thickener” working for you too! A damn double-edged sword!

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Bump-digity ! Update?

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I feel bad for all the help you have given me. I am just useless at this sort of thing. I guess it really doesn’t matter if I get a step by step no brainer, I have peace knowing I fail at software/computers. I can easily make a decent song in a few hours if all is in place and working.
In my wish basket at sweetwater is a $159 guitar effect software program that I am ordering. I also added abbey road reverb because I saw folks here talking about it. When I buy at sweetwater, they take over my computer and install everything for me. This time I am going to video tape every move so maybe I can do more?
I mean the first time I tried that download, I got it in to S1 and didn’t even extract the files. ha ha I am building an apprartment right now, I can weld, fix any car, weld anything etc, but this stuff is just too puttsy.

I would buy a lot more things if I could get them to go. ha ha I have $300 a month mad money to piss away and nowhere for it to go. Worked very hard all my life and life is good tho. Peace to you



Awesome man, if you need anything just yell.

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sometimes little stuff makes a huge difference. Im sitting here with a brand new super duper gaming laptop. I bought it for the express purpose of trying to get guitar sims to work.

to make a long story short, even on my powerful i7 computer, if I dont turn off the wifi card while recording, I get all kinds of pops and sizzles and lag etc. (yes, thats after all kinds of optimizations)

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misery in fact does love company :slight_smile: