Hi place looks nice.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Kick the tires and let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Welcome Greg! Help set the tone of this place Ha! I know you contributed a lot to a tone thread in other places. Do you or any of the tone gang do videos? I would find it useful to see some vids on how to acheive great tones. If not , no worries . Break something!

Thanks yall.

I don’t do any videos, but some of the other guys do. I’m not at all handy with video editing. Well, to be honest, I’ve never tried it, but it’s not something I’m even remotely interested in trying to figure out. The last thing I need is another time sucking computer operation. Haha. Perhaps in the new year I’ll try to figure something out. If you think it could be useful or helpful I could give it a try.

Anyway, thanks for the welcome and we’ll see how it goes.

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Just speaking for myself. I enjoy playing guitar every so often, but I am no where near the commitment level you guys are, and I have a hard time following a written conversation about it. Throw a video in there, something I can see and hear, you might make a tone nut out of me…maybe…Ha!

If you did not break anything yet, you are not trying hard enough!

There’ll be several of us that are happy to talk guitar on here :wink:

@Greg_L Do you have any samples of your playing I can hear?

My “playing” is nothing to get excited about. Lol. But I do record guitars pretty well, I think, in my opinion. I’m always very happy with my tones and stuff. I’m a dinosaur though. I use huge Marshall rigs and Les Pauls mostly. It’s kind of hard to screw that up.

I’ll post some stuff soon.


Looking forward to it! Les Paul Standard? I have an LP 50’s tribute. Hoping I can get an older standard at some point

like so? :beerbang:

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I have two Les Pauls. Neither is a Standard.

One is a Traditional. I think a 2011 maybe? Something like that. I bought it new 4 or 5 years ago. Anyway, it’s great. I love it. It’s my, you know, if you could bring only one guitar to a gig or recording session…my Goldtop Traditional would be the one. It’s just perfect to me. Burstbucker 3 bridge pickup, 57 Classic neck pickup. It’s just great all around.

The other is a 1978 Custom. It’s great too, but it’s different. It’s a 70s Custom. Very heavy, very solid, very classic rock. It has the original T-Top pickups in it, but I’ve ordered some Bare Knuckles for it. It’s all original and probably fairly valuable, but I play my guitars. I need to tweak a few things on it.

And I have a few SGs and a really sweet Mosrite Ventures clone made by Hallmark Guitars.

sweet! My 50’s Tribute came with P90’s, but I had Seymour Duncan make me a Slash humbucker in a P90 for the bridge. nice combo with the p90 neck. I’ll have to send a pic of it sometime!

I just remembered that I had a pic on instagram of it. lol

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That’s awesome. I love P-90s though. I’ve been on the hunt for a good used LP JR Double-cut. Gibson doesn’t make them anymore! Stupid Gibson. They’ll make $6,000 Custom Shop stuff that no one wants or can afford, but a basic LP Jr gets discontinued.

I played one of those Slash Corsa whatever signature guitars recently. The red one. It was like 4 grand or something. Very beautiful guitar and the pickups sounded really good. I’m not usually a fan of hot pickups, but those sounded cool. Lots of grind and bite without being flubby. I think they were the SD Slash Alnico IIs.

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Nice pic. DSL too. Cool. I’m a Marshall fanboy myself.

You’re right. They’re the Alnico II’s and they are tasty. And the LP Jr… I totally agree! Those juniors are soooo versatile. Makes no sense at all why they dropped them. I’m guessing its because people were catching on that they were great and it started taking away from their expensive LP sales. lol.

I had a couple of those in for the shop and they sold pretty quick. I need to get some more in stock soon. The ones that I’m loving more recently are the Mini Jubilees that they came out with this year. Killer amps. Head or combo were both amazing. It was cool to finally experience a Jubilee first hand.

You know as much as I love me some Marshalls, I am not a fan of the Jubilee! It freaks people out all the time. Lol. A friend of mine has an original 1987 Silver Jubilee head and I’ve used it may many times. It’s just not my thing. I’ve tried and tried to force myself to like it because I just should like it, but I don’t. I mean, they’re not terrible, but they just don’t do anything for me. I’ve tried the Silver Jube, the standard Jubilees, and even the 2555 JCM Slash and they’re all the same and none of them float my boat. They are their own animal for sure and just don’t sound enough to me like a classic Marshall should. I’m more into the classics.

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Let me see if I can figure out how o post a few pics in here…

they are definitely their own animal. I think part of what made me like it is that its fun to play tunes from 30 :astonished: years ago. lol