Hello from Flute Cafe

Hello from Flute Cafe


Cool, Solaris…
I presume you’ll be using the Reflector reverb lots then…



the name itself is derived from Solar Plexus "the inner fire"
I have a blend of tunes in there right now, need to sort it out, but the overall theme is Orchestral blended with a bit of crunch and crump… something like this


Wow, that’s brilliant. Hair-raising in fact.
Coincidentally burning some manipura oil as we speak…

Just in case you missed my excellent Reflector joke…

Let me know if you ever need some Billy Gibbons guitar on your tracks…
Sounds like you’ve got a really exciting project going…



lol indeed I did… looks like I may need to read that novel after all!

Thank you, I love good scents. I burn sage when I get stuck in a rut!
Working on several scores at a time but was not happy with most of em, finally starting get my momentum back… hopefully it stays. Will do! I have not yet done a score with guitar yet, with a harp yes but I think , i might write one


In some parts of the country, the names are used interchangeably, but the official distinction is that taquitos are made with corn tortillas, and flautas with flour. Personally I’m not a fan, they typically have just meat as the filling and to my taste are just too dry. I’m an enchilada and taco kinda guy. :taco:


I love the title and the “deeper dive” theme.