Hello from Flute Cafe

Hello from Flute Cafe


Ya had me worried Paul. Glad to see you back!


welcome i look forward to reading you around.


@feaker I can write some flute loops yes, are you looking for something specific ?


Hi I haven’t had this opportunity before. I will go back and find an example. My daughter played the flute


Now there’s an epic pun waiting to happen…!


Apparently it’s a “real thing”:

I want to see Toucan Sam actually playing the flute. Please don’t tell me it’s a bird-brained idea or I may fly off the handle.


Well, toucan play that game…




lol yes, also look up Flutes of Fire from looploft


Hi Michelle, my first instrument was the flute.
Since then I’ve been mucking around with several instruments, none of which I can play either.
You haven’t got a dozen other classy friends you can get to join, to help offset the anti-class of CPF?
In your Cristina mix, are the strings real or sampled?



What’s up flautist? Enjoy the forum.


Hang on a minute, I may be a bit direct, but anti-class? Who do you think you are Mister Svenerson? She’s in fact invited a few classy assy friends. Enjoy. I am classy, no?


Nobody has told you this before?


I mean, I always went to class in school. I think I’m pretty classy.


I saw that and immediately started craving flautas. lol



Why the first and not the current instrument? :stuck_out_tongue:
I did invite a few to join lol , they are just being lazy …
in my mix, the Violin is recorded in the studio but the string ensemble, cello ensemble and french horns are samples from Kontakt


What are those, holst? Never heard of them. Some kind of paradise food? They just look like taquitos. Ah, I guess you’re right @Sven, I have no class. I grew up poor. So I say class is a repression tool used by the bourgeoisie to control the working class by demanding they adhere to their “correct” sensibilities. Who says the way they act is right? Constantly hiding behind a wall of euphemisms and deceit. I think they’re all gonna stab us straight in the back. And we let it happen. Social class=social control. The aristocrats know where they can stick it. If we act like them, then we can’t very well oppose them while they fuck us over. That wouldn’t be “polite”.


I got into playing flute when I wanted to be like Ian Anderson… Jethro Tull is still that band I could not have done without… exceptional. I had two flutes over the years, but lost touch with it. Next time I bought a instrument I bought an alto sax, and I have since moved to tenor. But I don’t play the sax a lot either. These days I play a bit of guitar, wanting to be like Billy Gibbons :slight_smile:
I enjoy making string arrangements, too, also using Kontakt.

Here’s one of my better arrangement things - I originally had vocals on this tune, but I removed them. Don’t feel they are fully up to par…


I was going to make a “flauta” joke but didn’t think anyone would know what they were. :wink:


This was a very beautiful arrangement @Sven very inspiring. Loved the harmonies!
I am working on a Album of Orchestral scores with flute myself, Album is called ‘Solaris’ . Hoping to have it ready next year! lol