Hello from Flute Cafe

Hi everyone, I am Michelle from Flute Cafe Productions
I am a flutist , musician and producer. Here for the mixing contest but would love to stay and hang out and engage in great discussions you have here.



Welcome aboard and don’t be shy!

Thank you!

Hi Michelle!
I’m George from Greece. Keyboard player mostly.
Welcome and have fun!

thank you and greetings from United States!

Hi Michelle - you may be the first flautist we’ve had join - welcome!

Hey Michelle! Excited to have you! :smiley:

For the noun denoting a person who plays the flute, Americans usually use flutist. In varieties of English from outside North America, flautist is more common. The web-searchable Canadian-English sample size is too small to be useful, but both words are used to some degree by Canadian writers.

Flutist, from the French flûtiste, is by far the older word in English, and it is not American in origin. The OED lists an example from 1603, though the word remained rare in any form until the early 18th century. It was the preferred form in all varieties of English until the late 19th century, when flautist, which came to English from the Italian flautista early that century, was fully adopted in British English.

If you can’t decide which form to use, flute-player is a noncontroversial alternative.

I had no idea that flute-players were so controversial! Welcome Michelle, Pied Piper of the Depot.

Hi Michelle

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Welcome, Michelle. You’ll find that indie recording depot is a wondering place hosted by a wonderful man, @holster. He used to be a cop, but certain events transpired on Christmas Eve 1988 which caused him to get into audio. He was doing police work in New York, and he went to visit his wife in L.A. at her office Christmas party. The building was sealed by highly skilled Germans, one black hacker, and an Asian who’s just sort of there. Holster had gotten some information on his flight that the best way to relieve stress from air travel is to take off your shoes and socks, walk around the carpet barefoot and make fists with your toes. While these Germans were taking everyone hostage, holster managed to slip away, but did not have enough time to put his shoes back on, proceeding only in a tank top and pants. Luckily he was able to grab his gun, and he made his way up several floors scoping out the situation and making many failed attempts to get the attention of law enforcement.

Luckily, @BigAlRocks was a good cop that gave holster the moral support to carry on through these trying times via radio, and even saved hoslter’s life after a vengeful German appeared after everything had calmed down. Big Al’s wife was pregnant at the time with their first kid, and Al had been Twinkie binging prior to the tower being seized.

After finally getting police and later FBI attention, their valiant attempts at being macho put more lives in danger, leading holster to almost single-handedly take on these people and save the company’s money as well as his wife’s life. However, he got the crap beat out of him and a perfectly good tank top was ruined. He also got glass stuck in his foot when the Germans shot glass around him and he needed to make a hasty escape.

After retiring from the force following four unnecessary similar incidents, holster got into guitars and audio and formed this site after Recording Review shut down. That should bring you up to speed.

P.S. he’s the caretaker here. He’s always been the caretaker here.

Hope you’ve heard this, but you look pretty young.

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Welcome Michelle! We’re very glad to have you.

Word of warning: Never take anything @CPF says at face value, the guy is an Olympic-class bullshitter. :slight_smile:

Please consider adding a map marker on our Membership Map, which you can get to here:


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I give great fucking feedback! Just read with caution.

Also, I’m not the one stealing the location of the members so you can sneak in their rooms at night and rub their elbows you sicko.

But I meant “Olympic-class bullshitter” to be a major compliment. I stand in awe of your prowess in that department! I’m a mere bad punster by comparison. :wink:

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Hi Michelle,
Welcome to this crrazy place!!


Stop the damn huffin’ an’ puffin’ and start discussin’ somethin’ . Tis that be a faint whisper through the forest?

Thank you for such warm welcome everyone! It was a pleasant surprise.
I am ok with Flutist, Flautist, Flute Player, Pied Piper anything lol. I think flute is a wonderful instrument. However I chose not to use it for @Cristina 's song. I chose the violin instead.

Please do let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Welcome. Nice to have a touch of class at this site.

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Says the man with “69” in his username. Class is overrated. I prefer having my head in the gutter.

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Hi Michelle and welcome to a great place. Lots of personality differences that make it lots of fun. I am the old guy around here soon to be 69. ha ha The help here is top notch.
One question. Do you toot your flute for hire. The reason I ask is that I don’t know how to use midi and I have some sappy songs that could stand some background and I love the sound of a flute:)



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