Hearing Loss

Interesting presentation:

She also mentions the new “mixing with your eyes” changes from the moves to visual DAW work vs using your hearing to create an album, vision trumps sound in the human brain apparently…


As someone that has gone nearly deaf in one ear, I can confirm that there is definitely an advantage to the advances in mixing technology that include visual cues. I have learned to adapt how I listen, and I couldn’t necessarily say that visual wins over sound in every case. Sometimes what sounds good, doesn’t always “look” good. However, I sure can appreciate how I can use visual as a check and balance.
Thanks for posting this!

edit - @Descent, I wasn’t suggesting that you were implying you suggested that visual is “better” than hearing. I was just making conversation :wink:


I’ve been following some of these studies regarding stem cell (and other) research/breakthoughs going on. A lot of progress has happen this year. Pretty exciting.

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Both patents are super deaf, it’ll be nice if they can hear again.
I’m probably headed that way. Interestingly enough I’ve had the most damage when I worked on moderate levels as recording engineer, my live concert career while louder didn’t seem as bad.

I have similar problems and learning to adapt is important as you say. I’m not planning on a mixing career but mixing my own projects means a lot. One of my biggest problems is hearing and judging stereo.


I actually have a hole in the 5k range thanks to “give me snare” for several years.

There was a thread about this last year too, with links to some online hearing testing. In case anyone’s interested…

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I’ve been waiting all day to watch this video. I have a significant “notch” in my left ear starting at 3k. I guess this is why I never really liked mixing in ear phones.

@ingolee When I mix, I am constantly swapping the L/R channels and switching to mono to check levels and balances with this plugin.

In that regard, am I also searching for a monitor station that will let you swap the L/R channel similar this plugin AND which has RCA outputs so I can easily hook up my old stereo and use it for monitoring with a couple of other speakers besides my monitors.

Mine is probably from standing next to the drum kit yelling “quit hitting your gd crash!”. :grin:

Seriously though, I didn’t gig for a lot of years and really don’t think I abused my hearing too badly overall. I think perhaps it’s from a childhood ear infection that burst my eardrum. BTW, I’m also listening to my tinnitus as I type…


Thanks for posting that link Mike, I’ll check it out, tired of flopping the headphones or leaning into the right monitor speaker to try and balance everything.

Whatever you do, don’t buy it at THAT price! I think I got it for like $29 bucks on sale. Black Friday is coming! :wink:

I would REALLY like the functionality of this plugin in hardware form on a monitor station. That would be so kewl. :sunglasses:

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Hey Ingo, was poking around and the FREE bx_solo has the same monitoring capabilities!

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Cool Mike, I’ll check it out, thanks!