Headphone monitoring: Canopener vs Abbey Roads Studio

Okay, I’m ramping up for Black Friday and trying to be prepared ahead of time for what I need, what I should add to my studio.

One of the things I’m thinking is getting some plugs to help my headphones mixing.

In another post, @takka360 talked about CanOpener and rx’d it highly. I’m interested in what peoples’ thoughts are: CanOpener or Waves Abbey Roads Studio?

Alan, you commented on NX being comparable, but more expensive. I’m pretty sure I can get AR Studio on Black Friday for hopefully less than CO. I’m seeing rave reviews about AR Studio, but I’m also seeing some favoring the 2D approach that CO uses over the 3D of NX/Studio. The criticism basically is that the 2D approach is more similar to just listening to your monitors rather than emulating the 3D effect of turning your head, etc. (sample review: read here)

Has anyone compared both? If I can get NX or Studio for less, is that the better way to go? I will d/l CO to be sure, but would be interested in the opinions of people who know more than I do.

In my opinion if you can get the Abbey road get that as it has 3 settings near field mid and and long where can opener dont…All that head tracking stuff dont interest me but it also has that.I tried both and there wasn’t any real big difference to me.I also done a side by side AB with sonarworks and morphit flicking between one and the other and there was absolutely no difference just twice the price for sonarworks

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Just to be clear, are we’re talking about the NX head tracker + Virtual Room mix. Right?

I’m pretty sure if you don’t have the head tracker, then the AR studio to do you any good.

I think if you’re gonna get one, you pretty much need them both…


I have the whole NX and B360 suite - I use it religiously for school, but I wouldn’t ever use it to mix music in stereo.

Correct. That is what I meant. Thanks for clarifying, cuz I was not clear.

Not necessarily. IDK about the virtual room, but ARS can use your camera to track your head movement, or you could ignore head movement altogether and just manipulate it manually with a slider, or something similar.

Really? Could you explain why you wouldn’t use it? Alan said he wouldn’t mix on headphones w/o it (well, he uses CO, but said ARS was just as good).

The head tracker is just gimmicky crap if you ask me,You dont need it you just need cross-feed to mix more accurate in cans and that is what it gives you ,just the same as can opener does …If you get the AR it comes with the head tracker and works of your web cam but as i say you dont have to use that function

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I had the Waves version early on, and I ended up not using it much. I think it would have worked a lot better if I bought a set of phones they calibrated. As to the head movement thing, I didn’t see much use for it. If you are using headphones it’s pretty easy to keep your head still while you’re listening. If I want everything to be moving while I mix I’ll just drink more.


Gotta love this…

I have never used the canopener… but if I use the abbey road, Im definitely leaving it ON in the mix… I dunno how you wouldn’t/ couldn’t :roll_eyes::crazy_face:

I also tried NX, but the novelty wore off very quickly. I don’t have a camera so couldn’t do the head tracking thing, so presumably I wasn’t getting the full benefit, but for me it’s just simpler to switch between headphones and the monitors as needed. Of course, I have a room far from the rest of the house’s activity now, so I can use the monitors with impunity, and if you need to keep to the cans for the sake of domestic tranquility, this isn’t as easy to do… :wink:

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