Haaaa! Bozlabs El Clapo - Have you guys seen this? Brilliant!

Anyone who’s tried to mix claps into a song knows how difficult it can be to get them to jive with snare hits and stomps. This plugin like this is Soooooo overdue on the market!

I use trigger replacements but having to load an instance of Battery or Slate and then manually scrub through clap samples can be tedious when what you really need is the perfect clap. Buying it now!

El Clapo - YouTube


…um, yes…way back in May

…and again in September…

Where have you been? :grin:


It’s finally released yesterday.

Holy crap, did I really start this back in May? I thought it was going to take 2 weeks to make.


nice Black Friday Sale btw, I have way too many limiters but I am going to dig into the big clipper today, I like transparent limiters. Will see how this sounds on orchestral tracks.

If actually use the wall over big clipper for orchestral stuff. Big clipper will introduce more distortion than the wall.

You can demo both to see which works better for your stuff.

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I trust you on that. Just picked up the wall too lol

Yes I remember the discussions earlier in May, it’s good to see that this came together so well. The video is brilliant, congrats @bozmillar!

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Congrats Boz, it looks great! I’ll second the props on the video too. He did an excellent job on it.

Ah. It’s not on his website… that’s a ‘Launch Sale’. I only saw the email from him yesterday.

Changing jobs… been off the site quite a bit. Trying to get back here more though. Started feeling a little out-of-touch with the artistic side!

Never tried it on an orchestra - the orchestra I was recording and performing with has been on hiatus since March. During the time I was actively performing with them, I never through to try the big clipper on the orchestra bus.

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I’ll be grabbing it today or tomorrow. Any idea when the next two will be out (I think you said there was a stomp and click one too, right, or was that a joke?)

I’ve had a few feature requests for this one that I want to do first. Once I have it to the point where I’m not taking any more feature requests, then I’ll make the stomps and snaps. I just don’t want to be updating 3 plugins at once if I have a new feature I want.

I’m also making an all-in-one plugin that has the claps, stomps and snaps.


Not a worry. Looks like I’ll have to get all four!!! Grabbing El Clappo in a couple of hours.

In slightly related news, I don’t know if it is a coincidence or if I am more attuned to it, but I have heard soooo many songs in the last 24-48 hours that have clapping in them!!! Maybe just one of those things of tuning in once you are aware of something!

Bought mine, looking forward to playing around with this!!!

Congrats on a great plug, and finding an interesting niche at the same time. This is going to be big.

Congrats Boz, very clever and useful .