Quick demo song for clap/stomp library

I made a quick demo song for the clap/stomp library that I’m about to release. The point of this song is to emphasize the crowd mode. I just want to double check that everything sounds alright before I show the song publicly. The claps and stomps are pretty prominent by design. Hopefully prominent enough to be able to hear well.

Just bash all of it. It’s not an impressive song, just a quick demo. I don’t want it to sound sloppy or sound like it was made by someone who hasn’t picked up a guitar in 2 years, even if that is the case.


Them claps and stomps are solid. It is awesome overall. I do think that I would do some timing changes with the guitars to get them locked in at a couple of places, like around the 19 sec mark but really that is only because I am listening for it. If I were listening to this as a clap and stomp demonstration I would be slapping my money on the table and stomping off to grab a guitar to join in.


I yes. I hear it. I can’t tell what is off, but I can tell something is off. I’ll fix that.

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Sounds great. Out of curiosity, how many stomp and clap tracks did you record. would love to know more of your method - did you use chorus or any doubling effects etc or are they just stomps and claps miced at different positions/distances etc.
Also, what processing did you do? So not what you were asking us to do here!! Sorry!

There are 7 claps, but each clap is multi-layer, multi round robin. I think there are 9 stomps with different shoes. They play back at different speeds, and vary the timing of similar claps to reduce comb filtering and phasing. I all pass filter them as well to reduce phasing a bit more.

The hardest part was getting the noise low enough to combine 150 claps without noise buildup, but I found a way that works pretty well without screwing up the reverb tail too much.

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I think at 27 28 29 there is a slight off beat or two fills converged. And i think may be where timing is a hair off.

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Forget the claps, the guitar work and tone is awesome. Kick ass…me likes


Shook me off my chair though. :grinning:

The claps and stomps are solid! And you should probably write the rest of that anthem…

Sounds great, mate!.. A very heavy nod and wink in the direction of a popular band of the 70s and 80s with a name suggesting royalty. Perfect! :+1:

Cool sounding demo buddy. You’re a boy, make a big noise. I’ll play this in the street, gonna be a big man someday with stomp and clap sounds like that! :grin:

I’ve made a vow to myself that I will never play We Will Rock You with this. But in its current form, the stomps and claps are separate plugins, so it’s not that easy to play live anyway, so it’s been easy to hold back.

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I love the stomps. Really well done. I did a song recently with a bunch of stomps to simulate marching. I just had a bunch of friends actually stomp and we recorded it and layered them together. It was a real chore. I’d much rather have a sample plug in for it.

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