Goodbye gearslitz

Goodbye gearslitz

Hey there I am Taylor from NC, originally Detroit. Nice fourm! Small but heavily participated in, and actually encourages one another!

I am a jazz musician(pianist) and teacher, with a thirst for making film music and producing my own music with my wife. I love neo soul and stuff like robert glasper, but I want to learn as much as possible!

Look forward to learning from each other!


Welcome! This is a great forum. The people here are really nice and helpful.

Welcome, T.

I’ve been here not quite a year. Awesome forum. Supportive, and yet critical in an immensely helpful way. I have learned tons.

Glad you’re here.

Thanks yeah it seems verr friendly

I was just on Reddit Songwriters forum last night trying to convince a young song writer to join the Indie Recording Depot. I said that you cannot find a better group of people, more dedicated and knowledgeable, and in some cases, better looking, (boz) than the people at the Depot. So T, you made an excellent decision to join.

What are some of the must see topics do you think? Any good resources I should know about?

Wonderful, thanks for having me. Do people often find collaborators here as well? Would love to make music with friends far away

I have only been hear a few years and I am still very new to recording, but there is so much good stuff here it’s crazy. That question will probably answer itself as you visit on a regular basis.

I think there is a collab tab under the catagories, you could check the dates to see which ones are still currently going on or just post what you are wanting to do, I am sure you will get some response in a short period of time.

Welcome Mr. T! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome! Feel free to post links to any of your work here.

as in like in this thread or in general on the site? I shall!

Edit your OP and put a link there, or if you have something you are working on and you need some other ears on it, post it in the Bash This Recording part of the forum.

Welcome Tmasterp. I find the bash this section a good place to start. I look forward to reading you around.

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Welcome to our humble little community.

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Welcome, Taylor! There is lots of info in various threads, some very technical, some more fun. Opinions, questions, all good.

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Hey Taylor! Just got around to visiting this post…good to have you.

I’m originally from Michigan and currently in South Carolina. Where are you in NC?

Have you worked on any films yet? Do you have a portfolio by chance? Would love to see it if you do.

@Jonathan oh really were from? I am in asheville now not too far. I can actually get to SC in an hour ha.

I am just starting out so a lot of my projects are still in production. And I am mostly ghostwriting so its two or three cues in a movie. Once those movies are out I can put a reel together, but for now I have some audio I usually send.

Do work with film?

Thanks for havin me!emphasized text

I will call you NC Taylor. Like the ring to it. If you have anything I can help you with? Guitar parts, mostly rhythm and bass. Singing if it doesn’t need purity etc. I have had two great collabs and it was fun. Two great gal singers. I had to beg, but it was worth it. I write a song each week or sometimes two. I keep thinking it is the end for me them voila something pops into my brain. ha ha

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Late to the show here, but welcome! Lots of friendly talent on here from musicians to studio engineers. And lots of talent for collabs too. There used to be some sort of “map” thread where you could put your location on it when you joined. It was fun to see where everyone is located. Anyway, wade right in and see what happens. :wink:

Grew up in Fowlerville. Went to school in Lansing, then Ann Arbor (lived in Canton). Moved to Royal Oak when I started working on the downtown Detroit music scene during college. I left to play the piano for Royal Carribean right before the big crash in 2008.

I’m in Florence SC, but I have a condo in Myrtle Beach and a vacation spot in Rutherfordton, which isn’t too far away from you in Asheville. Was up there 2 weeks ago doing work at Echo Mountain studios :slight_smile:

Totally know how this goes. After I finished my first video games it was half a year before they were actually released and I could even talk about working on them because of NDA’s. Do you every play in the Spartanburg or Greenville area? Or do you just gig around town? How’s the jazz scene in Asheville?