Goodbye Cakewalk

Goodbye Cakewalk



That’s a bummer to see. Although, with them being under Gibson’s umbrella as of late, it’s not at all surprising.


Awwwwww!!! Sad :frowning:


They’re like the apple of guitars evil wise, only the dude running the company is an idiot in addition to being a heartless bastard. What is the chance of getting a Gibson that doesn’t need major fretwork nowadays, 1/1,000,000,000,000?


I use Sonar, so that sucks. :frowning:


Ahh, I’m hoping to see the day that Pro Tools say goodbye and Reaper takes over. I’ve always imagined Sonar and Cubase to be neck in neck in the DAW’s race, just behind Pro Tools, but it seems that Reaper has been gaining lots of ground over the last few years. Now that Sonar’s gone, there should be more jockeying for second position. War Reaper!

Sonar, by all accounts seemed like a good DAW. RIP…


Yeah, I can’t help but wonder if someone might take them on and keep them alive somehow. Time will tell. @Danny_Danzi may have some insight on that.


I started out with cakewalk. I now use studio one. It is perfect for the not so professional like myself.



Typical corporate move. Acquire a company, move the intellectual resources to another segment of the company and discontinue the original project.


whoa, that actually really sucks. I was really hoping to see sonar’s rent-to-own model workout. They had a pretty big user base I thought.

I guess it’s should be pretty obvious that a big buyout like that should be considered a death sentence.


At one time I hoped so too, but here’s why I don’t think its possible: Avid is an integrated multi-media solutions provider, Cockos makes a DAW. Avid buys distressed companies, repurposes their patents, and assimilates their technology into its conglomerate (Sibelius, Euphonix, M-Audio, Digidesign). Cockos develops it themselves.

Avid is about integrated audio/video, server storage, and workflow solutions. They are also serious contenders in the live sound and broadcast markets. With avid, the DAW is a small part of a big picture, with Cockos, the daw IS the big picture.

DAW vs DAW, Reaper can’t do a whole lot outside of the music production realm, and simply lacks the features to be utilized in a high-volume commercial environment. Don’t get me wrong, I greatly respect the efforts the guys are Cockos are putting into Reaper. But I doubt they have any intention of challenging avid on a global market level.


Definitely a sad day for me. I’ve been affiliated with cakewalk since it was owned by 12 tones. From beta testing to assistance with development, (all beta people had the option to speak and help create) I’ve been with them a long time.

I knew in my heart that Gibson would crush the company or sell it. I just always had a feeling. The one thing admired though, was how much more stable things became once they took over. If you’ve never tried Sonar Platinum, you honestly missed out on a great DAW. I don’t say that with bias, I say that having used just about all of them.

As far as what happens now, it’s too early to tell. A few guys I know on the inside met with the big wigs and spoke their minds with ideas. The servers will remain up for a bit and who knows, it’s a great DAW that is super solid right now. Someone may take it over. The darned thing comes with nearly SSL capability on every track with such a little CPU footprint…man, I’d look into buying it myself with a partner or two. Unfortunately for me, (or fortunately IF you’re me) I’m renovating my house and the moment, we are planning a wedding (I got engaged last October) and I’m running two studios at the moment. So it’s probably not a good idea. LMAO!

I’ll let you guys know if I hear anything.


Wow, congrats Danny!! Hope you have a great wedding. Mazel tov!


Congrats on the engagement buddy!! :

You better post pics! I’m sure you’ll look lovely in a dress :stuck_out_tongue:


I wonder if it’s feasible for them to turn it into an open source DAW? Maybe Gibson claimed too many rights for them to pull that off. :man_shrugging:


I can’t imagine they would since the IP is most likely the reason for the acquisition. They might sell/license it to the highest bidder.


I think you’re right.


Well, you’ll never see me in a dress…but my girl has used one of those goofy phone programs and put make up all over my pics. I always thought I’d make a pretty decent looking chic due to having a baby face (I’m lucky if I shave my face once a week) soft skin and long hair. To my dismay, I was actually pathetically hideous…even with what we thought were good choices. LOL!

Thanks for the engagement wishes guys! That whole thing is huge for me. I’ve dated girls long term my whole life, so I’ve only been with about 5 people. This girl I knew since we were kids…but as kids, well, I was 14, she was 9. We weren’t allowed to look at 9 yr olds. LOL! She always had this little thing for me…she was my best friends sister. 28 years later she comes to one of my shows…and we’ve been together nearly 7 years now. I never even lived with anyone before…so when I tell you this is huge for me, I ain’t kiddin ya’s! :slight_smile:

She’s awesome though. Totally into my music, my #1 fan, into recording and producing and has an incredible ear for music. I’d be lost without her now. It actually scares me to be this close to someone, quite honestly. But I’m loving it! :slight_smile: Now she’s talking about babies and…whew, I’m 50…I don’t even know if I got rotten eggs or not. LMAO! It’s like one thing at a time…whew…renovated my home studio, sold one of my studio buildings, renovating my house, went in partners with another studio (he owns the building, I own the gear and the clients) and now a baby too?! Then there’s “I need a new truck” and “I saw this really killer Lamborghini” and…lol! She loves messing with me. The girl has never asked for anything since she moved in other than unconditional love, respect and honestly. Can’t beat it, let me tell you. That’s marriage material. Anyway…sorry…way off topic!

I doubt Sonar would ever go open source. Honest when I tell you, someone can definitely make some money if they grab it and do something with it. They really made it stable these days. That was one of my pet peeves in the past. They would add options and break things that worked before. Gibson took over, they released quite a few of what we call “the Bakers” and things in my opinion, changed for the better. Even the beta builds were rock solid. As a matter of fact, I can’t even tell you the last time I typed up a bug report that had something major in it since the Gibson take over.

Then again, everyone uses the software differently. So some people are going to fail in ways I don’t use it. I’m into recording and sounds etc. I’m actually not very schooled at using Sonar and all its options. Don’t get me wrong, I know a lot about it. But as I read the forums, there are users and even beta testers who are totally off the hook with how they use it. Seriously…some of these people do things I never even knew were possible.

To me, it’s a big tape machine. I use it, I use my plugins, I punch in and out, I create midi and edit accordingly, I use effects buses, instrument buses and VSTi’s. I do NOT waste time editing drums and extensive instrument takes. That’s just a drag…let an audio editor do that. I’m an engineer, producer…learn how to record and play before you come to me. I don’t polish turds and thankfully, don’t need the money. When I get people like that, I just tell them “it would cost much more if you need me to edit you. You may want to consider someone else.”

I got a friend that lines up drums and edits for hours and hours. To me, that’s not what a recording engineer does. If it is, it’s not what I do. When my buds worked on the Breaking Benjamin album, they tracked everything and sent it all to my bud Wayne Davis to do all the editing. That was his only job. Granted, we smaller guys in studios try to make money where we can. But you have to ask yourselves…if you’re editing and taking more hours than you are recording, you’re an editor…not a recording engineer. There’s no way I could do that and not charge for it.

Anyway…rambling senselessly again. I don’t post much, so I guess I’m making up for lost time. I really do hope Sonar gets new life brought into it. Though I’m sad, I’ll share a little something with you guys that may change your opinion on a few things. Let me make another post for it though…this is huge as is. LOL! Thanks again for the wishes.


Who cares! So great to see you so obviously happy. That’s the real deal right there mate! Although I’m right there with ya on the baby thing… I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams being a father in my 50s. When we raised our puppy, I was 50, and that damn near killed us, all the bending over… We’ve agreed that all our dogs from here on out will be 1-2 years old when we get them (rescues) instead of doing another puppy thing. A baby!?? Fuhgeddaboudit.


maybe some nerds will buy the brand name and arise from the ashes to rule the earth?
like when Fender bought their rotting company back from CBS.