Goodbye Cakewalk

Goodbye Cakewalk


I seem to remember a thread where you mentioned a famous band that were kind of incompetent in the recording studio (not very good musicians). Was it Breaking Benjamin that you were speaking of ?:thinking:

Congrats on your upcoming nuptials. Your girl sounds like a gem.


Ugh yeah. There were some really bad performances there. Parts cut and glued together…according to the people I talked to, they were pretty astonished they were a signed act. That goes to show what good songs can do for an act…although I sure.never liked them.


Thanks brother. Super happy so far. We went the dog route too. I was against dogs because I fall so hard for them and then they die and I can’t handle it. She talked me into a little shorkie who is adorable and then she said “how about a big brother?” and then Goliath came…140lb Rottie. What a beast of an animal.

I figure, if we have kids it will be like dogs times 10000. I could live with that. :slight_smile:


I just realized I’ve been with Sonar a lot longer than I’ve been with my wife… and I’ve been married a long time lol.


Dani congrats on your relationship. As for kids We adopted two I was 50 + They bring life into the household, And as they get older their so handy for chores and such - don’t miss out on it.:crazy_face:


I praised Sonar every day. I wish it was available when I was 15 with so many musical ideas. Sad news, but Sonar is so strong it may find a new home. I am not going to switch to new DAW anytime soon. How about we talk to Boz to take it over?


I don’t think Boz has the inclination or the money.


I doubt @bozmillar would want the headache of taking on an entire DAW, but maybe it’s not as bad as I’d think it would be.


This is 100% true. If I ran cakewalk, it would have closed its doors long ago.


sigh I just read about the news today. The first DAW I bought is Sonar Home Studio 6 XL. I do have Sonar Platinum. I hope it’ll be usable for years to come!


My first DAW was Cakewalk 3 as I remember.

By Twelve Tone.

I’d like to see a history timeline of the company like Yamaha has…


wowh that notice!
Cakewalk sonar close the door? i’m use sonar from version6. So even if cakewalk closes I rest on sonar platinum. so far there is nothing that can not be done with sonar and maybe this is the reason for the closure? What could you add to the software that is not already there? Adding useless things to make volume because everything else is there. So sure even if it closes I do not change my beloved daw. Sure it will still be valid for many years even if it stops here the development and research.


MAYBE IS ALL THE MUSIC WORLD THAT IS CHANGED and this is only one aspect. How much is still a business? Now you can find music everywhere and for free. Even investing in equipment I do not know how worthwhile it is worth! With a computer and a little bit of software, remarkable things are done, therefore, at low costs. Or am I wrong? The same waves its diamond bundle sells it from $ 2,500 to $ 299. Now the market could be mature, even saturated.


The music business is alive and well, it’s just changed who is getting the money. While it’s possible to record music with little to no budget, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to make good music. Guitars have been around for a long time. Most guitar music still sucks.


Hey Boz, you must have had some kind of dealings with Cakewalk since some of your plugins are built into the pro channel in Sonar. Do you have stuff bundled with other DAWs or just Sonar?


I dunno about that. Look at any successful big name band and for the most part they still use commercial studios, producers, engineers and high end kit. They might employ the engineers nowadays but I don’t think it has changed that drastically, at least not where live band recording is concerned.

The EDM, etc. genres for the most part you’re right, a kid with Fruity Loops can probably do as much as some of the big names, or at leat have a new inventive take on things…but that for is kinda not music :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


SONAR lives on as Cakewalk by BandLab and is free to download now


Good to know, thanks for posting this. :blush:


That’s awesome news. If they keep it free or low cost a-la Reaper that’d be even better. They could definitely make a dent in the market.

They force you to download a real time running virus called “Bandlab Assistant” which is not cool at all.