Good lavalier or headset mics?

Any recommendations for a good lavalier or better yet, headset mic??

id like something to conveniently record demos and maybe youtube demos

any ideas??

Thanks, JJ


Basically I want something so that I can relax and throw down off the cuff vocal ideas while chilling in bed…so it doesnt have to be super quality

any ideas?

Are you wanting to do it on phone, or computer DAW, or hard disc recorder? I think you’re looking at USB vs. 1/8" stereo jack, but I’m not a wealth of info on this, just trying to give you some ideas. If you define your recording methodology first, then the headset as an “interface”, that might facilitate the discussion.

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something to hook to my focusrite interface I assume…or thru laptop 1/8th jack (never thought of that)…or usb

Laptop running reaper

I have some old lavalier’s that have 1/8" jacks IIRC. A headset is probably going to be USB, and/or bluetooth. I think it’s possible that a USB headset mic might show up in Reaper as an input device, but no way to be certain until you try it. And are you on Windows or Mac? They handle audio connections a bit differently sometimes.


yeah, I suppose with an actual headset I wouldnt be using the focusrite at all since id be listening thru the headset

1/8th jack can also just go into the focusrite with an 1/4 adapter

I wonder if this is any count?

this is nice but a lot of bucks

I wonder if just a basic gaming headset would work for what I want? all i want is to be able to lay down basic vocal ides which would then be rerecorded later etc

hmm, this looks good in a way