Help me get this mic working in my Focusrite interface

okay, so back in this thread I was looking for a decent headset/mic combo. Good lavalier or headset mics?

I ended up buying this, just to be able to attempt to write vocal melodies etc (not for actual quality vocal recording)

so this has two 3.5mm STEREO male plugs. One for headset, one for the mic

firstly, why does a simple mic have a STEREO plug??

So I dig thru my old adapters and try various adapters but I can NOT get the mic to register any audio going into the 1/4 input on my focusrite 2i4

I tried 3.5 to stereo. nope. 3.5 to mono. nope.

So then im thinking the mic is broken. So I try it into the el cheapo mic input on the side of my laptop and it blows my ears out. So it works and its plenty loud

So whats the deal here??? The only thing I can think of is that somehow the stereo plug is not jiving with the focusrite and me trying the mono 3.5 to 1/4 adapter is shorting out the signal

could it be that this is what I need?? Stereo to mono breakout adapter??

if not I dont know what else to try. I know im spoiled…this is 2017 and I just want stuff to function correctly

Thanks, JJ

For the purpose of testing the mic, I’d plug it directly into the built-in mic input of your mac/PC and test it outside of your DAW. Those headsets are commonly used for chatting while gaming, so I’d just fire something up to test in a simple environment just to make sure it works at all. Maybe try calling someone with Skype or something.
That at least gives you a starting point. If you know that the mic CAN work, it’s much easier to troubleshoot from there :wink:

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I did that lol (u didnt read it haha)

yeah, mic works fine into side of laptop

it shouldnt have anything to do with the daw. I keep my sm57 plugged up where I mic my guitar in the other room and I can hear sounds thru it just while browsing online with no DAW on etc.

somehow it has to do with the poxy stereo plug

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lol. I TOTALLY missed that line. :confounded:
My apologies.

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What is it that you are trying to do?
In 10 years of having been on these forums I have never heard of anybody connecting one of them things to a DAW. Perhaps I lead a sheltered life?


you have never heard of anyone trying to connect a mic to an interface?

there is a 1/4" input on the front of a focusrite interface. For instance it is used to record DI bass by plugging straight in. I am simply trying to hook the mic to that jack

A mic to a mic jack…pretty radical I know

I must have misunderstood - I saw nothing about a microphone.

All I saw was a $25 toy called Koss SB-45 Communication Stereophones…


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if you have nothing constructive to add…why comment at all? Seriously, keep it to yourself

Are the stereo inputs selected as active in your driver settings for the daw?


Ignore my previous post i thoughtit was l and r aux cables without reading the product description first. My bad.

Yeah, all you should need is a step up from the small to big jack adaptor. BUT it depends on which way round the mic is wired. You may need a reversing adapter to change the polarity

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That mic is not designed to be plugged into a line input. The mic input on your computer provides 5V power to the microphone that is required for the microphone to work. A line or mic input on your interface won’t have that.

Basically, recording gear isn’t designed to work with these types of microphones. The only real solution I know of is to find a way to get your mic input on your computer hooked up to your DAW, or get a different microphone.

Or, maybe it’s possible to get a PiP to phantom power adapter, but I’d image that costs more than just getting a microphone that has a proper output for your interface.


I never knew that. Cool

then how the heck does a 1/4’ guitar Di go into the interface?

guitar doesn’t require power. The microphone does.

so this mic needs power but an sm57 doesnt?

Yes, because it’s a condenser mic.

yes I see now. “Plug in power” is a new one on me. Thanks for heads up.

Plugging into headphone jack would defeat the purpose which is basically to be able to record spontaneous guitar WITH vocals at the same time to come up with ideas as opposed to laying down some chords and then trying vocal ideas

I do recall seeing some headset/mic combos with xlr connectors and there are also some adapters out there

it WILL work

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sb40 is dynamic mic

sb45 (mine) is electret

just my luck

I don’t know if this will work for you, but have you considered getting one of those broadcast desk clamp mic stand thingies? That way you can have a mic plugged in and ready to go at all times, but out of the way when you don’t need it. I got a cheapo one and it works great. One of my more useful purchases.

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Use an acoustic guitar and a mic into interface and record both vocs and guitar through that. Been doing that for 40 years because the quality doesn’t matter for sketched ideas.