Goals for 2018?

Goals for 2018?
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Just to find more time to play and enjoy music and really throw myself into it :smiley:


I have a sudden new goal… as it’s the last day of 2017 here downunder, today I am going to write my own horoscope for 2018… I’m fed up with these dumb ones that say random things for half-way through the year on a certain date so I am going to rearrange the cosmos to suit me…
I shall be mistress of my own destiny… hmmm, a song or three there? :crazy_face:


JJ, big congrats to you on this. I know it is really not easy at all! Hats off to ya and best wishes for continuing your process to hit your target. I need to shed another ten myself to get back to where I want to be…

I know this thread isn’t about new year’s resolutions per se, but I can’t resist… I am still keeping the last new year’s resolution I ever made, back around 1980 or so: Never to make another new year’s resolution. Win! :grinning:


be more tolerant of assholes
be more tolerant of bad drivers
be more tolerant of medical people who are incompetent
be more tolerant of losers trying to bring others down
be more tolerant of people who dominate the conversation and never listen
be more tolerant of myself


reminds me of today at work. last work day of 2017.
As happens sometimes I told myself before work “nothing will bother me today”…then I ended up pulling my manager aside after I wasted my breath on my supervisor lol


“The Horoscope Song”! A stroke of genius. Write the horoscope and then put it to song, is that the idea? :musical_score: :musical_note: “Saturn’s entering Capricorn, and all will be mighty good.” :notes: :slightly_smiling_face:

When you write your own horoscope, I think that’s called “affirmations”. :grin:


I have low hopes for this year. It’s going to be as pointless and mind numbing as any year. Hopefully the U.S. votes the GOP out, but I’m sure it’s only temporary and we’ll vote them in again. Besides, the Democrats suck too.


come on brah, BS political talk? really? Im already getting older, please dont force me to lose IQ points


You will not make it through the year! Ha! Making a whole year accomplishing one of these would be a milestone…but all of them? Good luck.


Sucks to see those kinds of situations man. I genuinely hope you guys can get this resolved quickly! Especially for the sake of your daughter. Having both parents in her life is important in my opinion. Best wishes for a quick resolution!


Cheers mate


My goal for this year is to try out my newly upgraded recording computer, mother board, memory ans SSD drive. It’s functional but I’ll first have to purchase another interface to go with it as the old one is dying and is Fire wire. I can still use it on the other recording computer. But I’ll wait before touching the new.