Goals for 2018?

Goals for 2018?


anyone want to throw down the gauntlet for themselves? lol

Im hungry to prove some stuff to myself this year


I need to get my website up and running. Last year (about this time), as a goal for this year I was hoping to get a CD recorded, but I had no idea how hard it would be to find material.


Rule the world?


I’ll stop you.


My goal is to bed more women…Even if I get one, I will be successful. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Seriously though…

  1. I want to do good quality recordings for at least 24 of my original songs.
  2. Get 1500 facebook followers for my bandpage
  3. Increase my music fanbase
  4. Make more money through my music
  5. Focus on marketing my music/ band
  6. Work, Work, Work on my original music and my music Business
  7. Enjoy life more (this might not happen if I work too hard on music business…)
  8. Not focus so much on fitness…but still continue to remain fit
  9. Learn much more about recording, mixing, and REAPER
  10. Learn much more about music marketing


Is Anal Intruder on that list?


My goal is to record and release at least 14 songs this year.


My goal is to make some goals…
As usual at this time of the year I feel squished out like a sponge…


I’d like to release my next EP. I’ve got 5 songs for it that I think will work well together. Beyond that, not sure… just keep improving on my singing and guitar playing, keep plugging away.

I’ve been thinking a lot since I made that “Doing it all yourself” thread and letting everyone’s replies sink in. I don’t think I want to go the “commercial success” route. At the end of the day, music is a way for me to express myself. I’m sick of comparing myself to others so much. I don’t want to make a product. I don’t need to make commercial viable music to make great music. I guess if I had one music related “dream big” goal for 2018, it would be to make music fun again. Get back to what really makes me happy about it. Stop comparing myself to others and just be me.

I wish everyone tremendous luck with their goals, and a very happy and healthy new year.


For me just continue my mixing and improving and getting my ex to court to see my girl that she stopped me seeing for no reason, well she got a new boyfriend . My girl is 7 and seen her for 10 mins in nearly 2 years .Hard to be creative sometimes but I wont give in.


not to be crass or make fun of a bad situation…but there is probably at least an EP worth of songs there.


No, that one is among my third tier songs. I doubt I’ll waste much effort recording that. Maybe just shoot it together quickly.


I feel for you. Best wishes on getting legal justice, by whatever means you can find.


Cheers mate i hope so


its funny, last year i listed all of these goals etc. Then I just sort of off handedly threw in “lose 50 lbs”

in the end the ONLY goal I reached was I did in fact lose 50 lbs. starting at 258 on Apr 16, im at 208 right now. Lord willing on the way down to 185ish, maybe 175 ish

Edit, updated list

  1. write 300 hook phrases. (no need to be deep or great, just interesting phrases)

  2. write 50 sets of lyrics (whole songs)

  3. compose 50 gtr/drum jams (shouldnt be hard, probably did 75-100 last year)

  4. demo 25 songs (drums, guitar, vox, bass)

  5. ‘finish’ 15 songs. Thats a leap of faith because I dont even know what “finish” means. im clueless on mastering etc but ill learn as i go

  6. start making youtube vids


I’d really like to be more closed-minded in 2018. I think I can do it as long as I listen to fewer opinions. That part should be easy.


Does planning on adding some hardware 500 series equipment to my studio instead of just plugins count as a goal? Or does that just fall into normal GAAS?

Lets make it more of a goal. DECIDE on at least 3 pieces of 500 series gear.


in hindsight I worked on two half finished songs that were recorded poorly for 2017.
i might try to beat my own record in 2018 and do three poorly recorded half finished songs.

I’d kind of like to get MIDI drums working or a good drum machine with keyboards, if I do fall off the wagon on buying…or just dump Reaper and go Fruity Loops that has all that

2016-2017 burnt me out on vocal mic pre comps comparisons but it was fun in comparing a $1600 channel strip to my interface and plugs…2018 will be less of that.
fyi…I found my intefrace and plugs won out for my needs of making two half finished songs that were recorded poorly.

Looking at my time stamps my boom months of productivity was May and October.


EZ Drummer 2 works great with Reaper. After using the included EZ Drummer patterns for a couple years I bit the bullet and started modifying the midi by hand and it has brought everything up a notch.