FytaKyte's New Album "NonTrending.Unfluencer" out now!

Here are all the links to stream/buy:

Keen to hear your impressions!


I snagged a copy this morning and am loving it. The performances as well as the recording are top notch.
Digging your world view as well.

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So you’re the guy! :smile: Thank you very much - glad you’re diggin’ it - that makes me happy!

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Congrats on the new release Andrew, looking forward to giving it a thorough listen.

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Congrats, Andrew. Knowing how much work went in, I hope you sell a few million. Then we can all say “I knew him when….,”. You deserve it.


Thanks Terry - I’m interested to hear what you think after listening.

Haha, you’re a funny man! Thank you SO much for your contributions. Your guitar playing and vocal parts are truly brilliant and much appreciated!

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lovin it ! had been waiting for this moment :slight_smile: grabbed it a couple days ago.
Fantastic work!
for some reason the track 10 Uber blues does not play for me in the downloaded album archive.

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Thanks Michelle - I really appreciate your support, and sorry about the hiccup with the download. I’ve sent you a PM, hopefully correcting it.

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no worries and thank you very much. I eventually downloaded the BTR version from here, but appreciate mastered version :beerbanger:

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Not to blow smoke up your arse, but I gave the album a decent listen through last week, as well as the new Foo’s album, and to be honest I got more interesting moments and hooky earworms from your album than I did from the FF release.
Highlights for me would be ‘Progress’ and ‘Lie Phone’. Really only one gripe, and that’s an extremely noticeable edit issue on Too Much (another great song btw) at around 1:58 heading into the solo.
It feels very jarring and the timing seems weird.
That little nit-picky gripe aside, it’s a great effort man, you should be proud.


Well, thank you Sir! I’m glad you had a chance to listen, and I really appreciate the feedback!

Really only one gripe, and that’s an extremely noticeable edit issue on Too Much (another great song btw) at around 1:58 heading into the solo.
It feels very jarring and the timing seems weird.

Huh, interesting! There is actually no edit there - that’s how it was played. There is a little deliberate “push” that happens there where the downbeat is advanced slightly. I never thought of it as weird, but I guess it isn’t necessarily “on the grid”, so I can understand how it comes off as strange… We used to hear those things a lot more in music, but not so much these days… it’s a bit of a musical anachronism, I guess!

Thanks for getting back to me - much appreciated!

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Yep for sure. Maybe our ears are so conditioned these days to hear music played ‘on-grid’ that any slight deviations are that more noticeable by contrast.
It was just a moment within the song that jumped out at me, and I realize it’s hardly productive discussing it after the fact.
Excellent song all the same, I had it stuck in my head for days.

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Ooh late to the party but looking forward to checking this out… just listened to the preview clips and there seems to be a great cohesive flow to the tracks, excellent balance and satisfying ebb and flow. You just seem to go from strength to strength, a lovely thing to behold!

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Thanks Emma, I really appreciate you taking the time to listen. I’ve had so little response in general that it’s nice to hear something…I’m glad you liked what you heard…

I keep forgetting to ask this, but I’m really interested in which song/songs (if any) made a particular impression and/or you liked more.

Thanks again!

Interestingly enough, I played your album at my parents 50 year anniversary gathering (couple days ago). He is real picky about his music so I snuck it in with his regular collection of discographies.
Both my parents loved Disconnected. You already know I am sucker for that one already. But that one in particular was a huge hit at the party and there were questions about who the artist was.

Other hits were Fade, Anything less than the best, and Uber Blues. They resonated in particular and there were repeat requests for Fade (as quite a few of them are Pink Floyd fans, and the guitar sequence in first minute of Fade opening was liked a lot).

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Hi Andrew,

I’ve really enjoyed listening to your album. Listened through earbuds as my studio is still out of action and made some notes as I went, for what they are worth. A really cohesive sonic journey, masterfully done with a pleasing range of themes and textures, excellent musicianship and production.
Great intro, really drew me in, love the merge of waves and guitar then the song unfolding. Fabulous start to the album. Rich deep mix, caught me right in, very clear sense of ‘band’ rather than individual, actually this sense was true throughout the album. Vocals sound great, and clear words – which I always really like!
When I die
Scrumptious bass riff in the entry verse and GREAT chorus, full clear and dripping with ear candy. Love your skill with the loud/soft changes and the echo fx.
Ahh I remember this, my echo of Ghostbusters. Great horns and pause – silent bits, works so well!
Lovely dreamy intro, great movement of tracks through the album, ebb and flow. Mmm fabulous space within the mix, reminding me of why I want to do this mixing/production gig! Lovely rat-a-tat drums in contrast to the sleepy fade slides… love the sinking back to sweet singing guitar…
Lie phone
I am more ambivalent about this track. It didn’t ‘grab’ me like the others but very nicely done and great harmonies/soundscape.
Anything less
Lovely contrast within the tracks, this song felt like an old friend as it began – caught me up. O yes! So nicely done, this really feels like a perfect first ‘single’ from the album. Strings felt really natural, lovely dissonance in end harmonies, Outstanding really!
Behind the glass
Lovely drawing in from the vocal beginning. I love how it develops, with a full wide drum landscape and your vocals are rather wonderful! Ahh this is my favourite so far (on first listening I wrote that :blush:) the bass and beat are comfortably compelling and the vox chorus – seamless and uplifting, despite the theme of spatial detachment. A sense of reflection and refraction, really nicely done!
Too much
Great song, has a classic rock vibe for me. Lovely use of ebb and flow, nice touches of dissonance and building drum/bass riffs.
Clever vocal/guitar dueting in the intro… such tricksy mixing to get such a great clear sound. Lovely spaces in the mix, ooh nice keys and fabulous guitaring. Love the layering nuance of ‘special’…
Uber blues
Ooh lovely sonic interest, great storytelling and musical contrasts – all works really well with the lyrics weaving between musical ribbons of mood… ooh, pianoforte again :blush:
Loving the acoustic bridge, it connects the elements really nicely. I wasn’t really sure about this song as an ‘ender’ initially, but as it grew/developed, it became an ideal climax. Love how the vox chorus rounds things out – a great rich sense of musical completion. My only tiny thought was I would have liked a couple more seconds at the end to sonically unwind from the journey.

Such an enjoyable listen!

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Hey Michelle, wow that’s really cool! You did a “ real world” experiment for me. Thanks!

Hi Emma! Thank you SO much for taking the time to do such a comprehensive listen and review. Wow! I really appreciate it! I always love reading your descriptions. Thank you for taking the time.

In other news… I discovered the other day that that this YouTube Channel has used my son “Bitter” from my previous album in their free 10 hour(!) course on compression… Here’s the section where they start using “Bitter”

It’s really interesting… I have made the raw tracks from “Bitter” freely available to mix on Mike Senior’s Cambridge Music Technology Multi Track Download Library (along with about 4 other multi tracks at this time), and plenty of people have taken advantage of using it in their mix portfolios, on YouTube videos, and even to promote plugins. The terms of use on the CMT website gives permission for those uses, so I have no problem with that (being the writer, I get any streaming royalties, minuscule as they are).

However, most people who want to use it for their own purposes still contact me and ask permission, or at least give me the “heads up” that they are using it - which I really appreciate. I always try to get them to include links to my music and socials etc, because I think that is fair enough…

These guys, however……nothing! Didn’t check with me, didn’t give me a “heads up” - zero contact. The one concession is a link to the YouTube clip of the original song, but no credits, no other link, no acknowledgement in the video itself…

… now, I don’t wanna get bitter and twisted, but I think that’s pretty poor form! To say the least, I think it’s just plain rude. Anyhow, just thought I’d vent here - rant over!

Thanks again Michelle and Emma!

Youtube makes it pretty easy to issue copyright notices, since they are using your released song. As long as you have released the song on any platform, you can issue a copyright notice and start taking a cut of their youtube income from that video. Though I doubt it is very much, but you never know! You may make a whole another buck and two cents!!

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Actually, as I understand it, because I pay for “pro publishing” when I release my music, CD Baby’s web bots crawl around and automatically copyright claim any videos using my music.

I know this because videos that I’ve personally published on my YT channel with my released music in them have been copyright claimed! (Which is fine, because those micro-micro cents from the handful of plays are all mine!)… and I can trace the sources of the streams on my CDBaby account when I check it - trust me, those bots don’t miss a trick!

So I’m not worried about that - it’s just the lack of common decency and manners from people who you would think would know better.

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Just a little update on this…

…actually it’s worse than that… My first comment on their YT channel asking them to contact me was deleted… I thought it was my mistake, so I wrote another one… it disappeared too.

As I now suspected that my comments were being deleted, (but I was not certain) I decided to write a fairly innocuous comment saying “Wow, what a surprise to find my song being used!” … it stayed…

Then, someone replied to my comment with “With permission, I hope?”
I replied explaining that, although I had given permission for people to mix the song on Cambridge MT, no one at Mastering.com (the YT channel in question) had contacted me about their intention to use it for approximately 2 hours of their 10 hour course (thus give me the opportunity to ask they provide credits for my music.)

Guess what? That’s right! My reply to was IMMEDIATELY deleted!.. so, instead I replied with “I’d like to explain, but my posts and replies are immediately deleted”… so far that has remained…

This is channel with 262K subscribers, who gets 33k views in 6 days… using a song by a guy with 50 Spotify followers and less than 5000 streams across 2 x 10 song albums. There are some pretty pathetic individuals in this world…