Free Plate Reverb from Soundtoys Until the 22nd

For all those on a tight budget.


Good tip Double, thanks!

I tested this out, it sounds frickin’ awesome. Maybe you can use it on the Interstellar Carpet Trader project? I’ve been singing Winger songs into it in my underwear dancing around like Kip in the Seventeen video. Sounds really warm, and you can really hear it in the mix unlike other lesser reverbs. Might have to use this with Valhalla.

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Must remember to download! lol

Free range carpet only. But thanks for the suggestion, I did indeed pounce on that and it installed cleanly after the ilok dance. I’m trying it out on some cues, and I hope to post to BTR soon!

Thanks for the heads up! I like their stuff!

Has no predelay setting, but I remedied that by creating two tracks and using a delay with only the wet signal before the reverb in order to manually create one.

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Very clever, thanks! I will happily steal that idea.

Really like this plate reverb, I hope Boz doesn’t destroy it for me. It doesn’t sound brittle at all, has a very smooth resonating sound.

Just picked it up and tried it out last night. Turned two knobs and it fit in just about perfectly. So simple even a me can use it.
Thanks for the heads up, my main doubletrackn man.


As a plugin, not a huge fan. As a free plugin, it freakin rocks!

Its a tad grainy. But that modulation switch helps a lot.

Listening more it’s really wide. Good in moderation, but I’m turning the low cut up quite a bit. Sounds nice like that.

I’m a little disappointed in this one, (which I realize is almost silly because its free). But I looked at the painstaking effort that SoundToys went through to lease those plates and create the plugin. I don’t think they did a very good job. Their other plugs, from everything to the Devil loc, to the Radiator, to the Microshifter and the Crystalizer were just absurdly effective and useful. They were also unique. Even that EchoBoy.

This thing does absolutely nothing that the Waves, UAD, EA, and Valhalla plugs don’t do better. But the opposite is true of all the SoundToys predecessors. Even if they’re coming out with a big brother to this one, they’re gonna have to get this sounding better before I’m gonna buy it.

As far as I can tell, the plugin is an impulse of the plate. What could they have done more other than using a different plate? I mean, they’re obviously adding in some extra reverb to get the longer decay times, but that’s only because the original plate didn’t decay that long in the first place.

I have no idea. Why does it sound so grainy compared to the UAD version?? Aren’t some impulses a lot better than others? Based on how you go about sampling the impulse?

Because Sound Toys makes oatmeal on the side. Thank you, thank you.

I guess I have no idea what you are talking about when you use the word “grainy”

I mean, the Waves plate verb has a lot more settings, but that’s kind of the point of this plugin, so if I had to use a plate, I’d probably use the waves one because I can dial it in.

But when I hear this one and the waves one side by side, they just sound like two different plates of the same quality.

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Glad to see it has your approval, I only buy Boz.

as you should

I was talking about the lack of clarity and in the decay when the tail is exaggerated and compressed, but I went back and listened again, and I didn’t hear it at all. You’re right. It does sound quite a bit like the other ones.

On a side note, it seems as though the envelope is different. Sounds like the UAD version has a longer sustain and faster release. This is possible isn’t it?